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Puppet Museum at Kota Tua Jakarta

 Jakarta, the big city in Indonesia just the gate place to visit Indonesia from their country. Not much people know about Jakarta also has some nice places to visit. The bad news about the traffic and sky-high buildings for business only. Just a few people come to Jakarta just to get to Bandung, Yogyakarta, East Borneo or other places. 

Although Jakarta get list as the traffic worse city in the world, but Jakarta also has some treasure to make you feel good to visit and look some the old architecture, heritage about Kota Tua. This located in West Jakarta. In here you can find some old building from the dutch
destination long time ago and that is nice places to visit if you like the history or the heritage from the pass ago.
Let's talking about Kota Tua, special topic about wayang museum (Puppet museum).
Wayang is a theatrical performance employing puppets or human dancer. The puppet could be made of leather which perform shadow puppets play, or of wooden. Wayang Museum is a museum which keeps collections of wayang from various territories in Indonesia and even from other countries. The idea of building Wayang Museum started when H. Ali Sadikin, the governor of DKI Jakarta, attended the second wayang museum week in 1974.  With the support of the committee of the wayang museum week, wayang lovers, and the governor of DKI Jakarta, then the building at Jalan Pintu Besar Utara # 27, West Jakarta decided to be Wayang Museum.

What is the Puppet museum collections there?

Leather WayangThe collections of Wayang Museum are very various, in both small and big size. Wayang Museum collects Indonesian leather wayangs, like Kedu, Tejokusuman, Ngabean, Surakarta, Banyumas, Cirebon, Gedog, Sadat, Madia Krucil, Sasak, Kaper, Wahyu, Kijang Kencana, Ukur, Suluh, Klitik, and Beber. Wayang Museum has collections of scarce wayang as well like Intan wayang, Suket, Beber and Revolusi.  Besides, Wayang Museum also has some collections of wooden wayang like Catur, Cepak Cirebon, Kebumen, Pekalongan, Bandung, Gundala-Gundala from Tanah Karo, and Si Gale-Gale from Tanah Batak. There are collections of mask which were sourced from Cirebon, Bali, and Center Java. Some other stuffs are also displayed in Wayang Museum, like gamelan, Blencong lamp, glass wayang, zinc wayang, and paintings. There’re some collections that sourced from abroad, some of them are from Kelantan, Malaysia, Suriname, France, Cambodia, and Thailand.

What you can do there?
You can see the collections of course. I really love this part. Enjoying every part the puppet museum with the full of many style collections.

World Heritage of Masterpiece Creation

On 7th November, 2003, the United Nation recognized Indonesian wayang as the world heritage of masterpiece creation. Hence, if you visit Jakarta you should put Wayang Museum in one of interesting places list that you must visit.

Honestly I like to visit puppet museum and I also want to visit there again one day. That is so nice and of course I get little memories about the Unyil story when I was kid and also I dunno in Sumatera also has something mmmm how to explain. Culture which I dont know and I know from this puppet museum. Nice place to visit when you holiday in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

The entrance ticket around 10.000 IDR per person

How to get there :
You can use busway with the direction block M - Kota Tua.
Then you out from the bus way stop bus than you just follow direction

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