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Bandung 3 Days 2 Night

Short Itinerary When Holiday in Bandung

Find your time to visit Bandung or take your little time while you holiday in Indonesia to visit Bandung. Many reasons you should visit Bandung, because Bandung is the heaven of nature to enjoy your time and pleasure with the nature and beautiful adventure you will know and love it. When you visit Bandung.

Bandung is famous with the mountain and wonderful view of nature here. You will love it to adventure which place you want to visit while you go there. This is not the only local tourist but also international tourist which love to stay in Bandung long time to explore step by step the mountain, nature and also the delicious culinary here. Bandung is the best time to get fresh from the routine activity and feel peace when adventure in the “wild and beautiful nature”.

This is little short itinerary while you want to visit Bandung but don’t have a lot of time to holiday in Bandung. Thats worth it and when I have time either, I really want back to explore Bandung in the other hiding place in Bandung. This itinerary start on Monday to Evening Wednesday.

Monday in early morning.
07:00 – 08.30 
Arrive in Jakarta
08.30 – 13.00
Jakarta to Bandung used train and lunch in train  
14.00 – 15.00
Check in, take rest for a while and prepare your stuff
Window shopping at Jalan Braga, Town Square Bandung, traditional market near Town square
18.00 – 19.00
Dinner at Jalan Braga (Braga Street)


From Jakarta air port choose Damri Bus with direct station Gambir, this is station train. The cost around 55.000 IDR. Jakarta – Bandung you can ask the ticket in the locket of train ticket in Gambir Station. Then you can continue with the public transportation to find hostel or hotel at Bandung. Good place is around the Braga Street or station to make you easy find way to holiday in Bandung if you want to use public transportation there. Braga street is nice place to enjoy night culinary here.

As long as you in Bandung, you can use public transportation, rent motor bike or car as your transportation to adventure in Bandung. For the best place to stay in Badung, here a lot of hotel and hostel to stay. The cheaper till expensive you can choose as the budget to stay. I like to stay in Hostel Chez Bon because the place in Jalan Braga. The review of this hostel, you can see in here. The price for shared room around 120.000 IDR and the facility as hot water, AC, Free Wi-Fi and the price including breakfast.


06:00 – 07.30 
Breakfast at hotel
08.00 – 15.00
Visit Kawah Putih and eat in food cort Kawah Putih
15.00 – 17.00
On the way back to hostel
18.00 – 19.00
Rest and dinner
*This ITINERARY if you used public transportation. Because public transportation in Bandung in the night already seldom to find it.


  • Terminal ST Hall naik Angkot ke Terminal Luewi Panjang
  • Terminal Luewi Panjang naik Elf ke Terminal Ciwidey
  • Terminal Ciwidey bisa naik ojek atau Angkot Si Patenggang warna kuning (Minta diturunkan di Gerbang Kawah Putih, gerbang berada disisi kirijalan)
Enjoy Holiday at South Bandung at Kawah Putih , Situ Patengan , Ranch Upas , Strawberry Gardens , Cileunca and much more . White crater is a lake formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha. The land in this region is white as a result of mixing elemental sulfur. This scene is very attractive due to a combination of ground white and greenish-white colored lake and can change color according to the levels of sulfur contained, temperature, and weather. Really make the heart and mind at ease. Especially the way to the white crater is dipenuhin with trees and the cool air . The place is suitable for a vacation.


06:00 – 07.30 
Breakfast and check out
07.30– 12.00
Visit Tangkuban Perahu
12.00– 14.00
Visit ke Hot Spring dan lunch around hot spring
15.00  16.00
On the way to ST Hall Station to back to  Jakarta


Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano in North Bandung , precisely in Cikole a sight that deserves to be seen . This mountain atmosphere really makes the mind very relaxed. See mountains and craters are still active is ideal for travel relieve tired work and looking for a holiday that can make the mind calm.

Having tired of exploring the mountain tangkuban continued journey into the hot water and Fresh Warm Ciater . So fatigue hiking on the mountain so it paid off . With a soak in the hot water bath , the body feels tired could be more fresh . The admission price of Rp15,000 to menikmatin some spots hot tubs here . The scenery and the preparation of hot water baths very pleasant

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Selamat Liburan, ingin menginap di penginapan murah, yuk intip review hostelnya disini selama friends liburan di Bandung, dan juga beberapa gambar dan artikel mengenai Bandung bisa diintip disini.

1.     Perjalanan Jakarta-Bandung seru dan tak terlupakan disini
2.     Bandung itu surganya Belanja dan Kuliner, tidak percaya, lihat saja
3.     Serunya selfie di Kawah Putih, lihat saja sendiri 

Ingin mengetahui bagaimana sensasi liburan ke Bandung, ada blog tetangga yang membahas pengalamannya selama liburan d Bandung. Segera saja intip kemari, ini linknya


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