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Holiday in Ubud Bali Indonesia Part 2

Holiday in Bali is not perfect if you don't visit the wonderful temples in Bali. Bali has many temples. But this time, I am visiting one of Temple in Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple. The location is not so far from Ubud. Because my network is not working well when I visit this location. So I got lost many times, so I don't know how many times to get there from Ubud.

Some people Baliness are nice, but one man who is not friendly. He made us got lost. The location is near there house but he made us lost. So bad man, but that is o.k. When see the temple, the sadness feeling gone so fast.

Before to entrance this place, you should pay the ticket. The price is not expensive, don't worry. The price just 1.5 USD or 15.000 IDR per person. After paying the ticket, the staff ask you to wear sarong. This temple little different from Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah) if you wear long pants you don't need wear sarong. This place you also keep to wear it.

When you go inside the first eyes you catch is the pool and also nice trees. So nice, That first location I take the pictures. SO nice, after that look around the temple O.K is not perfect if I don't shared a little information about this temple.

Why you should go to Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple?

Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple as Pura Tirta Dawa Gunung Kawi Sebatu is a special find for visitors to Central Bali. It is one the most beautiful and tranquil. It features verdant gardens around ponds filled with carp and blooming lotuses, and ancient shrines surrounded by crystal clear pools fed by natural springs. 

The location this temple is the highland village of Sebatu in Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia. 12 KM norheast from the main Ubud. How to get there? Gunung Kawi Sebatu - Tranquil water temple

Approaching the temple from the main Jalan Raya Tegallalang road, a small and winding descent approaches the temple, where you can easily have a bird’s eye view of the whole complex and its water gardens. The temple is a refreshing stopover, profuse with water features, and one of the main highlights is the tranquil setting of one of its singular shrines known as the Taman Suci, which is next to a large rectangular pond with a dense green hillside as a backdrop – perfect for photographers to grab that picture-postcard shot.

But before reaching the northwest corner where Taman Suci and the main Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple grounds are located, you will have to don the customary sash around your waist which you can borrow at the ticket booth. A few steps along the cobble path you will instantly enjoy a full water garden, a large pool where golden carp are kept. A figure of the goddess Sarasvati is its centrepiece, together with a ‘floating’ Wantilan hall from which you can feed the fish. Fish food is sold at a mere 5.000 IDR or 0.50 USD If you also want to shower in that place, you just need pay around 2.000 IDR.

Beside the pool there are two walled bathing sections that the locals and pilgrims to Gunung Kawi Sebatu actually use for bathing. A sign clearly reads in English and Indonesian that photography in these quarters is forbidden – obviously!

Towards the north and after a green lawn are the ‘candi bentar’ temple gates that lead to the elevated main temple grounds. You will be able to see a few animals kept within the complex, such as roaming free packs of tame fowl, juvenile deer and rare chicken breeds, which all add life to the otherwise inanimate statues and towering temple structures.

What is the beautiful moment when you go holiday? Enjoy the nature place or spend night in the club? Of course enjoy the nature place and find the sensation the green and also the fresh air. You can find it in Mountain and Lake Batur. I love this place and every where has a good view. Sound like, you already look the real paint from God. That is amazing place and become my favorite part to holiday in Bali.

Every where your eyes look so amazing. I really fall in love with this place, even to get there so far and need time. I remember our motor bike get stop from a baliness woman and she prays and give a little flower and also rice in our forehead. After that, she ask money for that. So I gave her money.

The road to get the MT Batur is so nice, in left and right street have many oranges trees and the trees is bear fruits so nice. Wonderful and the weather really so cool. I love it and my eyes really want to catch all the view there. But we can't stop and stop just to make me feel happy to take pictures. I just enjoy every second my riding there.

AMAZING is perfect word to explore what I love there. In the T-intersection between MT Batur and Kintamani, there has some goverment staff for pay retribution to get on MT Batur. said 11.000 IDR but we should pay 15.000 IDR. So that is o.k, we continue to go to MT Batur. What can I say, more is more nice in up. I love it, yeeee... wanna scream but many tourists there and I won't they think I am crazy because so exciting event my butt look like burn to long seat in the motor bike hahahahaha.

Although have many fog in the mountain but you still can see the wonderful mountain there. Little bit about MT Batur, I took from Wikipedia:
Mount Batur (Gunung Batur) is an active volcano located at the center of two concentric calderas north west of Mount Agung, Bali, Indonesia. The south east side of the larger 10×13 km caldera contains a caldera lake. The inner 7.5-kilometer-wide caldera, which was formed during emplacement of the Bali (or Ubud) ignimbrite, has been dated at about 23,670 and 28,500 years ago

The southeast wall of the inner caldera lies beneath Lake Batur; Batur cone has been constructed within the inner caldera to a height above the outer caldera rim. The Batur stratovolcano has produced vents over much of the inner caldera, but a NE-SW fissure system has localized the Batur I, II, and III craters along the summit ridge. Historical eruptions have been characterized by mild-to-moderate explosive activity sometimes accompanied by lava emission. Basaltic lava flows from both summit and flank vents have reached the caldera floor and the shores of Lake Batur in historical time. The caldera contains an active, 700-metre-tall stratovolcano rising above the surface of Lake Batur. The first historically documented eruption of Batur was in 1804, and it has been frequently active since then. The substantial lava field from the 1968 eruption is visible today when viewed from Kintamani, a town that stradles the southwest ridge of the greater caldera.

The caldera is populated and includes the four main villages of Kedisan, Songan, Trunyan and Toya Bungkah. The locals largely rely on agriculture for income but tourism has become increasingly popular due to the relatively straightforward trek to the summit of the central crater.

The lake, Danau Batur, is the largest crater lake on the island of Bali and is a good source of fish.
 After looking that place and enjoy every moment there, we continue trip to go to Hot Spring MT Batur. The location is little far from we stand. Plus the road is not nice, then also many trucks and dust flies when the truck pass. So just remind the traveler when go there by motor bike be careful and used glasses and also masker.

Need around 15 minutes to find the hot spring MT Batur. Little difficult to find it because the main street is small plus if you are not careful you will pass the sign. To get that place, need around 10-20 meters I guess. I don't remember the detail, because already tired sit in the motor bike. Ah, that is nice but the price is so expensive. Per person 15 USD or 150.000 IDR. So, I decided just look around without used the hot spring there, maybe in other place and the price is not so expensive to enjoy the hot spring in Bali.

By the way Bali have some hot spring so don't worry if you don't have big budged like me and want to enjoy the hot spring. You still can do it, but it will be post in other story in my holiday in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

a beautiful and unique natural hot spring in Bali. Batur Natural Hot spring is the only one healing spa in Bali and just 2 hours from Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar. the location in the Lake Batur and Mount Batur areas of Desa Pekraman Batur, Toya Bungkah, Kintamani.

The real History Of Batur Natural Hot Springsa few years ago, villagers in the mountain areas and often come to the hot springs for medical treatment. In accordance with Hindu religious beliefs on the power of God, people in there believe that hot springs are a gift
from God to them.

What you can do in MT Batur? If you like to hike you can used one of guide to guiding you to up MT Batur. Of course will be nice and exciting if you love hiking but it is sound not like me. SO, i can't tell you more than this hehehe. But, every part you will look sign "Don't throw trash, Keep clean the area" That is so nice. Bali of Government really pay attention to keep MT Batur nature and of course clean. Love it!!!!!!

My pictures still in my friend camera, I wish my friend will sent it soon. SO, I can upload here lol :)

My friend really want to go to hot spring, in Bali have tree hot spring, first in MT Batur but the price so damn expensive. So, we just take picture only there in the pool, lol. But it doesn't mean we give up not to enjoy hot spring. Another plan, we want go to Singaraja for hot spring. But there is so far and our budged really impossible to go there. Little sad ya, but don't worry! In last minute we found information about hot spring in Tirta Empul Tapaksiring.

If you want go to bath in Tirta Empul Tapaksiring, of course you need bring extra clothes. Just for in case, when already there you wanna try it to enjoy the holy spot water there. We go there by bemo, one of public transportation in Bali.  

NOTE: You can charter the bemo or just used it with the balinese people who want go to Gianyar. But you should wake up early morning. Because the bemo stand by in Ubud Market around 06.00-07.30 AM. If used the public transportation with the people the price around 4000 IDR. But I don't want waiting long time plus after finish waiting transportation will so suck. So better just charter to bring you to Hot spring and the bemo will waiting you. You have two hours and pay for 150.000 IDR to charter the bemo. So cheaper right.

The location of Tirta Empul Tapaksiring around 20 kilometer, the road so good even not in main street. But the view also so nice, many rice fields every where. Really nice, make my eyes look so fresh. I really love this moment, then rent motor bike. Because the problem is will suck if get lost and get police trap again. TIRED.

The ticket to get entrance this place one person just around 15.000 IDR or 1.50 USD. The view when you get there so cute and nice. After paying you will go to other part and like usually you should used sarong. But this place you should give donation when you wear that sarong.

When I go there many Balinese people go there for ritual, so we should queue to get the hot spring and. The water is not what I imagine hot or warm but so damn cold. But don't worry even cold, you really will enjoy it. When I am waiting my line, some people bring bottle and after they put their head in the one spot water, they take some water from one spot to other spot. Ah, it  many spot of the holy water, have two spot you can't take it. Because it just for some ritual.

It is not fair if I am not telling you information about what is Tirta Empul Tapak Siring. Okey, what is that?
 Tirta Empul Temple or Tampak Siring Temple is a holy spring water temple located in Tampak Siring Village, Gianyar regency and it is about 39 km eastwards from Denpasar town. It is set in the dale and encircled by the hill. In the west side of this temple, there is an Indonesian President palace which has been found by the first president. The name of Tirta Empul is loaded in a inscription which is kept at Sakenan Temple, Manukaya village, Sub district of Tampak Siring, about 3 km from Tirta Empul Temple. In this inscription, the Tirta Empul is named by the Tirta Ri Air Hampul and then the name has changed into Tirta Hampul and finally become the Tirta Empul. Tirta Ri air hampul is meaning the water emerge or the holy pool (Petirthan) which is the water emerge from the land.

Little History about   Tampak Siring or Tirta Empul

Tampak Siring Tirta Empul, Places of interest in BaliThe wellspring emerges from the land is believed that it is the infinite creation. According to the history, that, that this water source is arranged and sanctified by king Indrajayasinghawarmadewa in the year 882 Saka (960 M). He has given the name with Tirta ri air hampul. The data is loaded in the inscription that is located at Sakenan Temple. Besides of the above epigraphy data, in Tirta Empul Temple is also found the archaeology omission like Colossus Yoni, Arca Lion, Tepasana and Tirta Empul Pool.

According to papyrus of Usana Bali narrated that Tirta Empul is created by Bhatara Indra (Sun Deity) when bearing arms against the king where his palace is located in Bedahulu Countryside. He is known as a very miraculous king, which he can lose or show suddenly, therefore he is named by Mayadenawa. Because of its miracle, he becomes the arrogance and expressing himself as a god. The Mayadenawa King owns the assistant (Patih) which is called Kalawong. They prohibit the people to do the Yadnya (praying to the god) so that is often happened the natural disaster, disease epidemic, agriculture fail and finally miserable life society.

 Finally Betara Indra (one of Hindu God) gives battle against the kings that happened in Tampak Siring and then the Mayadenawa is gone to the wall and disappear. King Mayadenawa has also created poisonous pools which can the team of Bathara Indra die and faint after drinking this water. Then Bathara Indra stick the weapon of Umbul-umbul and finally the water is emerging so that called by Tirta Empul and then it is passed to the dead and faint soldier that made them back to live. Therefore at the moment this pool water is sanctified by the Hindu society in Bali and they believe that this water source can heal various of diseases, hence every day this place is a lot of visited by Hindu people to do the ritual and sanctify them self . This place has been opened for public and as a famous tourist destination in Bali.

 After they are showering in that holy spring, The Balinese continue they ritual for pray in other part temple. The location also near in the hot spring. Lucky us, we can see a little bit what they are doing. Note If you want go to shower, you should keep your stuff in locker. The locker you can get another sarong, plus you should pay around 15.000 IDR or 1.50 USD to keep your stuff safe when you enjoy the holy spring water.

Bali really nice place to enjoy your holiday. Bali also one part of Indonesia. IF I have change to around other part in Indonesia. I will love to shared to my readers here. Happy day and Keep spirit, plus save money to make your adventure to Indonesia. You will love it plus Indonesian people are friendly and nice people. So, make your plan to visit Indonesia in wonderful part Indonesia

Holiday is not perfect if not enjoying the food. So this time I want to share about culinary in Ubud so nice... Ubud, Bali, Indonesia of course have many food to get there. What is your favorite food? Western food, Italian Food, India Food, Indonesian Food or also traditional Bali food? You can get it in Ubud.

Ubud also have many style of pizza. Almost some part in Ubud, Bali Indonesia they offer the pizza. Do you like to eat healthy food and drink, one of restaurant in Ubud, Bali also serve for that. The price is medium price, all fresh and healthy. Wanna know what is that? Juice Ja Cafe, The location is in Monkey Forest Street.

This cafe also recommendation from one of book Lonely Planet. The menu there so healthy and also yummy. The price, medium up price. One of original fresh juice around 25.000 IDR or 2.50 USD if you want mix juice, the price just add other fruit around 2000 IDR (0.20 USD).

For example avocado, mango and watermelon the price become 32.000 IDR (3.20 USD). About food, the price around 30.000 IDR and so fresh and healthy. Because this cafe is organic menu, all menu is free from beef, chicken and anything animal. just organic and fresh and healthy food and drink.


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