Sunday, 20 September 2015

Batang Buruk Snack Traditional Melayu

Food is everyone desire, try food with many style will open your taste to many adventure of culinary. Indonesia is the biggest Island with many islands around Indonesia. This time Citra Pandiangan will talk about one of traditional snack in Tanjungpinang, Riau Island, Indonesia.

Of course Tanjungpinang famous with sea food culinary, noodles which call about Mie Lendir and many culinary you can try and taste when visit Tanjungpinang. But this time, I just want to share about one snack called Batang Buruk | Let's try in English vocabulary for Buruk is mean bad, ugly, batang is mean bar.  Do you want eat ugly bar snack? I guess will say NO why ugly food should be eating. It is just name because the named of this snack has history behind. 

The story happened in years ago where is contain broken, testing and smart way. Do you want to try to eat this snack? You only can find in Tanjungpinang only. If you can speak or read Indonesia language you can click here

This snack is sweet and honestly I love it and you also will love it too. 

Cake Recipes 

The ingredients needed to make a cake trunk bad .

Material A :
1 package dumpling skin , cut into customized shapes and rolls.
Oil for fry

material B
150 grams flour green beans ( green beans mashed or made ​​flour first)
150 grams of milk powder
200 grams of powdered sugar ( can be adjusted to taste )

How to make a cake 
• Fried dumpling skin which has been rolled up golden , remove and drain until the oil is gone.
• Put the ingredients B until well blended .
• Place dumpling skin that had been fried earlier in the former great , along with the material B mix last until blended.
• Store in a airtight . cake ready to serve.


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