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Bintan Island | Luxurious Holiday in Lagoon

Some travelers maybe is not familiar with Bintan Island in Indonesia, many people just know the East Java, Bali and Manado. Bintan island is one part of Indonesia. This island near by Singapore and Malaysia. Maybe a few traveler just know about Batam island but Bintan island still not familiar. Don't worry, let's find out about the wonderful island. I already stay in Bintan island around 3 years, I guess. Most I stay in Batam Island, because I was work in that island as journalist. It was long time ago, so let's start to get this info.

Image result for bintan resortBintan is the largest island in the Riau Archipelago, which comprises almost 3,000 large and small islands, immediately across Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The islands stretch from the Straits of Malacca all the way to the South China Sea. The town of Tanjung Pinang is the capital of this province, located on the south western shore of Bintan.   

That is general information about Bintan island. But this time I want to shared about the luxurious holiday in Bintan island, we call Lagoon (Indonesia language said Lagoi)

Bintan’s chief tourist attraction today is Bintan Resorts, a spectacular beach holiday destination in the north of the island, covering 23,000 hectares along the entire sandy white coast that faces the South China Sea.  The island itself also has interesting historic remains in Tanjung Pinang and Penyengat, and offers plenty opportunities for surfing, adventure and ecotours for schools and family, but is also ideal for relaxation and wellness.   A first feature of this agreement was the development of the Bintan Resort, a beach holiday destination, covering 23,000 hectares along the entire sandy white coast of Bintan that faces the South China Sea. 

What you can do in Lagoon area:

1. Stay in Luxurious Hotel
In Lagoon area there many resorts and hotels you can choose to you stay and enjoy every moment there. That is Bintan Lagoon Resort, Club Med, Bayan Tree, Nirwarna Garden. Every hotel and resorts has different style and views. Everything is worth it, because the price is so expensive. That is why call the Luxurious Holiday in Lagoon.
Ria Bintan 9 Holes View
2. Play Golf with Good View
Do you like playing golf. This is the best part you can explore your desire to play this sport and the famous one is Ria Bintan Golf Club, the most part I love to visit Ria Bintan Golf club in the 9 holes; The view so amazing and my eyes really spoil with the nature of sea and trees, the good combination. But You also can play golf in Bintan lagoon Resort.

3.  Water Sport
Do you like to play water sport, so this is good time to play water sports in Lagoon. Year-end wind and waves make Bintan ideal for wind surfing. Kayaking, jet ski, banana boat rides and wake-boarding are the favorites and available at water sports centers

4. Bintan Elephant Park 
Elephants animal is easy to find in Sumatra because in Riau has many wild elephants. Home to seven Sumatran elephants, Bintan Elephant Park offers a wonderful interactive adventure! Take an elephant ride into the forest. Feed the elephants. Or simply sit back and enjoy our elephant show. 

5. Mountain Biking 
The quiet roads of Bintan Resorts are ideal for biking. Try some of the off-road tracks. Ask your hotel for bike rental details.

6. Mangrove Discovery Tour
Experience the beauty and mystery of nature with our award-winning Bintan Mangrove Discovery Tour. Discover the flora and fauna of the mangrove. For a totally magical and out of this world experience, take a night mangrove tour and ride into a mesmerizing blanket of glowing fireflies.

7. Spa 
Relax and let a traditional Indonesian massage play on your preasure points to relieve you of your stress and gently ease away the strain in every node of your body.

8. The Best Seafood
Do you like to eat seafood, this Bintan Island is the best part to enjoy fresh seafood. You will get spoil to eat this menu.

So what do you waiting for, let's go holiday and enjoy life in the luxurious holiday once time in alive. Time is so precious to make it pass without enjoy life. want to know more about Bintan Island you can contact me on don't be hesitate to sent me questions and I will be help you to find your way to enjoy every time your holiday here.


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