Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tourist Get Arrested | Take to the Lesson

It was so sad when I read the news about a few tourist get arrested, the problem was they were getting nudist in the Mountain. How come it can be happened? Why get nudist get arrested. Every country has the rule law. I remember long time ago, my franc friend told me, in Franc has a beach for someone who want nude but it  can't do in the other beach and if nudist in the street near the beach. The police will give the ticket to the people who does not notice the rule.

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Is in mountain get rule? Asia is different from the western and still "old fashion" when some people think about tradition. Some modern people will think it weird, but for the local mindset that is normal and keep their behavior with their traditional.

One of newspaper from UK Telegraph said A British woman arrested in Malaysia for posing naked on top of a sacred mountain has been named as EH, a former independent school head girl. The 24-year-old, who had recently graduated with a master's degree in aeronautical engineering from Southampton University, was detained on Tuesday at Tawau airport, as she was flying out from the island of Borneo to the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Three others were also arrested on Tuesday after handing themselves in: 23-year-old Canadian LP and his sister Da 22, and a 23-year-old Dutch man, DS. Other members of the group were being sought by Malaysian police.

Sometimes when we feel happy we forget where we are and what the "rule" can be break. Absolutely in the mountain don't have the notice "YOU CAN'T BE NUDIST in THE MOUNTAIN" maybe you think you just small group and want make the good memories pictures to remind you, you already hike this mountain and make something you never consider it before. Feeling freedom is something so amazing, you are in the up mountain and see the wonderful nature from there and wanna keep it in your mind and your memories picture. But you never know what will happened when you publish it in the social media. I wish it will be notice to the traveler, solo traveler or group or someone who love backpacker in ASIA to more consider the behavior to get the wonderful everlasting adventure without into the travel.

Keep travel and don't be afraid to be yourself but consider the local mindset into that. But for the earthquake in that mountain, I am not agree because the behavior some tourists make the mountain get explode. It is impossible but the problem is some people make the weird opinion about that. I feel it is not the right things. For the new traveler who never come to the East South Asia, don't be afraid we are welcome you to make adventure here.


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