Friday, 18 March 2016

Let's get Lost at South Bandung

Green Carpet of Tea in Rancabali

After looking Kawah Putih (White Crater) don’t forget to get to other destination of Nature. Just this place will make you feel wonderful. The eyes will feel more fresh when see the green carpet from the tea farm in Rancabali. The location Rancabali nears at Situ Patenggang. If still have time, find to enjoy Walini Hot Spring from the MT Patuha in middle of Rancabali Farm.

When you go to the Situ Patenggang or Rancabali you will pass the Rancaupas. If you love camp this place is perfect to stand camp there. Because this area special for camp with many facility which make you more close to the nature.

Kawah Putih to Rancabali just needs around 13 Kilometers. You just need spend time 15-20 minutes. On the way to this location you can see many strawberry local gardens from the local people and the best part when the transportation passes to the tea farm. You will feel so blessing to see the wonderful farm. Is like green carpet around the hills. The air really fresh and oxygen also good to breathe in the nature because no pollution if you are going there not on the weekend or public holiday.

Just pay 7.000 IDR-10.000 IDR if you from Kawah Putih to Situ Patenggang-Ciwidey. Use transportation Situ Patengang-Ciwidey, the yellow one angkot.

Hot Spring in The Middle of Tea Plantation

If you like hot spring in Ciwidey, they have two hot sprins; Cimangu and Walini. The places are not so far from Situ Patenggang. If you want to visit Hot Spring before Situ Patenggang the location in the right side. You can see the entrance near main streets. This hot springs is foot of the Patuha Mountain. Don’t worry about the water. Although from the Patuha Mountain feet but you never smell the sulfur from the water (hot spring). This place still Rancabali area.

Walini Hot Spring

The ticket to enjoy the hot spring from the water of Patuha Mountain in Walini or Rancawalini is 100.000 IDR (10 USD). When you pay the ticket you will get tea as souvenir from here. That is tea walini, this tea from tea plantation.

Has Rancawalini just hot spring only? Of course NO! Besides, two pools hot spring to the adulth and kids. This area also accommodate people who want enjoy the hot water from Patuha Mountain without anyone in around them. They have private pool and this will more comfortable and relaxing. Another facility in Rancawalini is Tea Walk and Argo Tour. 

In this area also has outbound activity is like fling fox, ATV Ride, Bike Rent, Motor  Cross, Trampoline, and many things to pleasure your holiday in Ciwidey South Bandung.

Near Hot Spring or pool has a garden with the cotes made by wood with the roof from weeds. Usually, visitors won’t soak and still want to see the panorama and relax in these cotes. The flying fox line with 300 meters price is 40.000 IDR (4 USD); The line flying fox pass the tea plantation. You can feel the wonderful sensation. ATV (little transportation with 4 wheels) price is around 75.000 IDR / 2 kilometers. 

Cimanggu Hot Spring

The ticket to enjoy the hot spring from the water of Patuha Mountain in Cimanggu is 100.000 IDR (10 USD). Similar with the Rancawalini, this hot spring area also service for outbound. But for the pool contain sulfur. The view Cimanggu is forest and many trees and that is very wonderful and relaxing. Sound like you are in around forest for relaxing. This has tree pools, smaller (like the kids pool) but the water is hotter then other pool. 

In this area also has outbound activity is like fling fox, ATV Ride, and many things to pleasure your holiday in Ciwidey South Bandung. The unique from Cimanggu, this area has 154 ha in forest and also had wildlife (deer, partridge, wild boar, black panthers, grouse, raven, sparrow, turtledoves).

Wonderful Lake in Situ Patenggang

After look Kawah Putih, try to Situ Patenggang (Situ is Sunda language the meaning is lake. Situ Patenggang is mean Patenggang Lake) just 15-20 minutes by public transportation. The place so near. Just find the public transportation in the outside of the Kawah Putih. Don’t cross the street, just wait the public transportation near gate Kawah Putih or same side. You just need pay around 7000 IDR -10.000 IDR to get to Situ Patenggang or Patenggang Lake. 

When you go there so wonderful and have many tea farms of the view. Asking to the driver to make you turn in ticket box of Situ Patenggang. Then enjoy your time to look this place. What you can do there? Just look around the lake? Of course not because you can do many things to do there:
ü  Fishing
ü  Playing with water bike (sawn water bike)
ü  Look around the lake with boat
ü  Look around the tea farm
ü  Visit Batu Cinta (Love Stone)

Don’t worry if you used public transportation will need walk so far to just around 400 meters after the entrance gate. How much price the ticket to entrance to this place? The ticket on the weekdays is around 135.000 IDR ($13.50 US) and the weekend the price around 185.000 IDR ($18.50 USD). Maybe the ticket sound little expensive. But this place so amazing and this place really best place to escape from the routine activity in big city. Nature is so nice, if you love to take photograph this place the perfect to take your hobbies to catch the wonderful view of nature. Because the green tea plantation is like a green carpet which covering the hills so wonderful view and the oxygen also nice because still fresh.

You also can visit the Romance Island and the Love Stone in the center of the lake by renting a boat from the lake shore. The price is around 150.000 IDR till 250.000 IDR and the boat can handle 10-15 people. So just find some people who want go around this lake with the boat so you can share the price of the boat. That’s boat if you want to cheater, but the price should negotiation try to get less price.


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