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Beware Mosquito Bitten You | Problem Holiday

I love holiday.... Everybody also love to holiday but sometimes holiday is not always have a good time. Sometimes also get unlucky, bad luck and the most when mosquito around you and make you can't sleep or enjoy the beautiful nature. Because mosquito bit you and left small bump in your hand, feet and body. It feel  itch and also make scar for a few people, it sound like me too. If mosquito bit me.

Many reasons why mosquito present in your wonderful day in your best part holiday in Asia, including Indonesia. Some people afraid to holiday because the effect mosquito will make you get fever. But don't worry, in this article you can find solution to make mosquito will not "disturb" your holiday time in Asia.

First find the reason why mosquito like to be around you:

1.  #Smell like flower
Everybody love to be smell good, before going out we never forget to put perfume, hair spray and also deodorant. The smell that with the flowers smell, the mosquito also love it. That is why the mosquito will around you. Because mosquito think you are flower and mosquito want get the nectar. If you use perfume 
scented flowers , mosquitoes will continue to stick to because he thought you were a source of nectar. So, if your plan to visit judge don't selected flowers smell.

2. #Dark Color

I love wear dark color, it is like black because this color will make me look slim and also not show my wonderful breasts. But the dark color clothes also get interest wit

h the mosquito. He would love to be around you too. The reason is Mosquitoes evolved to hunt mammals hairy and dark , it is according to Grayson Brown , PhD . During the field trials , lab workers in Brown who wear white or colored less attract mosquitoes. So, don't wear the dark color dress if you won't mosquito around you.

3. #Beer and Sweating

Research in France shows that beer drinkers attract more mosquitoes than those who do not drink beer . It because alcohol affects the aroma breath and body odor. The Researchers from Yale University , USA , found that mosquitoes can pick up chemicals in human sweat. So , if you are sweating immediately wipe it off with a towel so that you are not surrounded by mosquitoes. Because smell good, the mosquito like in around you, become body odor, the mosquito more love around you. complicated :) but no worry, clean and smell good is the best then body odor, right?

4. #Night Night | Wait up

Why mosquito never stop annoying your day, they always around you most of your time, morning till night. The reason is the female mosquito is active during the night to hunt for blood. It was because the blood contains proteins that are needed for the development of mosquito eggs. That said, female mosquitoes suck your blood for survival of the species. So do not be surprised if at night, because the female mosquitoes swarming need protein in your blood. Sometimes when you close your eyes, you can hear the mosquito sound around you make you can't sleep and you always complain about the mosquito bit and disturb your silent night.

How to make Mosquito go away from you: 

This is the best part for you, how to make mosquito go away from you. So, let's read this more deep and find the way problems about mosquito so you can enjoy your best holiday in East Asia, including Indonesia.

1. #Look the Time
Mosquitoes most active at sunrise and sunset. So, avoid activities outside the house 30 minutes before and after dawn and dusk. This is better to get away from mosquito.

2. #Wear Bright Color
Mosquitoes are attracted to something dark. We recommend using colored clothing and white or brightly when activity outside the home .

3. #Use Oil
  • Parsley mixture with crushed apple cider vinegar is also effective in preventing mosquito . Rubbing the body with a handkerchief soaked in the mixture in an open part of the body can protect you from mosquito bites .
  • Vanilla extract | This vanilla extract spray on your pulse points . Vanilil fragrance can make the mosquitoes away from you
  • Apply eucalyptus oil | Applying eucalyptus oil is one of the natural ways to prevent mosquito bites. Strong aroma can prevent mosquitoes come.
  • Certain essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil and castor oil is an effective mosquito deterrent. Mix 10-25 drops of one of the oil with 2 tablespoons olive oil or cooking oil and apply on the skin.
  • Apply citronella oil In addition to eucalyptus oil , citronella oil applying also can keep you from mosquito bites. Because these oils have the same strong scent.

is not practice for you.

4. #Use Lotion 
anto mosquito lotion that many are sold in supermarkets or in pharmacies. That is simple way to make mosquito bye bye around you.

5. #Fans
Fans difficult for mosquitoes to fly . Being in a position near the fan make it difficult to reach your mosquitoes.

6. #Light a candle
Candles emit fumes that can make the mosquitoes away . Especially if you light aromatherapy candles.

The best part at all, how to get away scar of bit mosquito

Trick Treat Insect Bites Used

Not only make the skin itch, insect bites can also cause skin swelling or bumps. If you already bitten by insects, such as mosquitoes, bees or ants red, handle problems with ingredients from your kitchen.

Practice how to prepare potions to cope with insect bites at a glance:

1. #Apple cider vinegar
Soon after stung by insects, soak the bite area with apple cider vinegar for a few minutes. Alternatively, use cotton dipped in apple cider vinegar, then put cotton on the sting area. This can help reduce swelling or redness caused by insect bites.

2. #Aspirin
Use the back of a spoon to smooth the one or two aspirin tablets on a small plate. Add water to taste, then stir until it resembles a paste. Then, apply the concoction on the location of the insect stung skin. Guaranteed redness or swelling in the skin will be reduced, because aspirin helps neutralize toxins.

3. #Ice
Enter the ice into a plastic bag. Then, attach a bag containing ice on the bite. Ice can help slow down the swelling. You can also use a small towel filled with ice cubes, then put on the bite for 20 minutes.

4. #Papaya
Papaya contains enzymes that neutralize toxins insects. If you happen to have a papaya, just use papaya slices to be attached to the skin, stinging insects for approximately one hour.

5. #Baking Soda
Baking soda or baking soda can relieve inflammation and swelling. The trick, mix baking soda with a body lotion, then apply in sensitive areas. Alternatively, you can mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, let dissolve. Then, dip a cloth or cotton in the solution, and stick it on the skin for 20 minutes.

6. #Garlic
Cut or a clove of crushed garlic, then apply on the former stung. Garlic contains enzymes capable of breaking down inflammatory compounds, which can relieve insect bites.

NOTE: If mosquitoes bite you, don't scratching the mosquito bitten. Because it will make you more itches and will make scar after you scratching that parts.

Enjoy your holiday, became one with the nature is most wonderful time and get new life and new mindset and new spirit to get new day and wonderful life

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Salam kenal mbak, thanks sudah berkunjung kemari..... hehehe bener banget tuh kalau bawa raket elekronik tuk bunuh nyamuk lumayan juga beratnya di tenteng2 kemana-mana hahaha untung gak kaya alm mbah surip tak gendong kemana-mana hahah

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