Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Enjoy Bali with Limit Budged

What you can do to enjoy Bali without spend much money? It really can be happened? Of course, you can do. Because I am holiday in Bali, the most place I spend is in Ubud, just little bit in some part outside Ubud, like in Kuta, Nusa Dua Bali.

1. Explore Bali with Rent Motor Bike

 If you can riding motor bike and have international license for motor bike. If not, you will get ticket from the police. It will be suck when you always get business with the police. Ah in my friend book, already remind about police corruption, that is really happened and I do read that book. But, I am not notice or remember all sentence. But, wow, it so shock me so badly. The author wrote like that to remind tourist so they will not get trap from the "police corrupt" so amazing book. I should buy one if it sell here, but my friend said I can buy online to get that book. Mmmm maybe next time when I want to be traveler writer and write it with detail too lol :)

You can explore Bali with motor bike, a day for rent motor bike around 5 USD (50.000 IDR) a day, but the price excluding patrol (gas, red). In Bali gas for one liter around 7.500 IDR or 0.75 IDR. NOTE: If you are (my readers who want to rent motor bike) should notice don't go to outside Ubud if you meet police then you will get trouble and should pay around 25 USD till 100 USD. It really happened, if you can't pay they will jail you a week.

But you also can make license temporary in Denpasar Police Office, the price around 25 USD to get temporary license but it need time and it will be waste your time if you just stay for a week. Just don't get trouble because it suck. To get rent motor bike is so easy and some place and including home stay also serve the motor bike rent, so enjoy your day to explore Ubud with motor bike.

2. Hunting Food

This part I love it, hunting food. Many culinary in Bali. Because I stay in Ubud. I will tell you about some restaurant, cafe and also warong in Ubud. This is my best part, hunting food so yummy. Many food and also many restaurants, cafes, warongs in Ubud. They serve or sell different menu an also taste, even some have same food but the way the creative for cook and different ingredients and also the way to dish up so different.

The price of course different too the low price around 15.000 IDR for dessert and also main food. Of course you can find home made food, western food, traditional food, many else. You every day you can find other restaurant, cafe and warong to enjoy the culinary in Bali. Yummy, nice, full and healthy.

What is mean holiday? To relaxing and enjoy every moment. Nah, do you like to try another part then just relax but also exciting to do that? Bali really have many offer package for holiday, although you don't need to used travel agent to get fun. In Ubud, many part you can enjoy. This part two, I will shared information for my readers who love to enjoy performance traditional which Ubud offer to the tourists.

3. Dancer Traditional

Holiday in Bali, Indonesia is not perfect if you don't enjoy the performance traditional dancer in Bali. Almost every night in Ubud, they offer performance. This time I want to share about dancer traditional performance. Every day is different performance. One of they offer in Saturday is Legong Dance. The event is start from 07.30 PM and the event around one hour and more. The price to attend this event around 80.000 IDR or 8 USD (I count 1 dolar is 10.000 IDR).

What they offer in this event? You will see the Kebyar Dang (Gamelan music, traditional music from Bali). After that you can see the Puspa Wresti Dance. This dance about a ritual dance, dance bring "offering" for temple ceremony, Tonight greeting or you, have flower rains.

Then have topeng keras dance, about a mask dance, mask is red and who is character is tough, representing the hard intensive denoting anger. Other dance at the night also Kebyar Duduk or Taruna Jaya, This contemporary dance, which from north Bali, depicts the period of infancy and edolescence in the life of a prince. The gestures and movement of the dancer a girl dressed as young man, bravery and the effervescence of youth. Plus Kupu-kupu Tarum dance, a sacred dance. This is choreography is exhibiting the glamorous butterfly in the heaven at romantic atmosphere.

Still have many dance, they will show you like the  Legong Kraton dance, this dance a classical dance, Legong is the name for a kind of classical dance by 3 girls, one to enact the palace attendant Chondong hile the other two are playing the LEGONG or the main characters of the story. Form among various stories to play this troupe presents the story of King Lasem princes of Langkesari of Daha Kingdom.

Plus Oleg Tambulilingan, Jeruk Dance and also the closing the dancer is a instrumental music. SO you will enjoy it. I bet hehehe.

4. Explore Ubud with BIKE

If you can bike, this is perfect time to do explore Ubud with the bike. You will en joy it and the price also cheaper for a day you just need 2.5 USD or around 25.000 IDR. So, you can explore Ubud with bike. It would be more exciting. You can stop and do anything with that. But you also get fit and your body also will look good shape because it make your calories gone. So what else?

Enjoy view Bali and get perfect body. It so perfect holiday right. Plus the atmosphere Bali so nature and nice. I bet you will enjoy it and rent bike so easy to get it. Because almost some part rent bike for that.

source : diary-citra on label citra'journey


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