Saturday, 13 June 2015

World of Wanderlust | Travel Alone in 50 Contries a Year

Many people is dreaming can be travel around the world and the MOST important that is free of charge or at least cheap. But this girl is not dreaming. She does it and still keep traveling alone. So fantastic, right. Some people lucky to rise their dreams and some people need work hard to make it real.

Don't worry, travel is never end till you old. BUT When young, you have many style travel you can do, backpacker, solo travel, or luxurious. She did it with many style it and enjoy every time her travel. She travel and get money when she did it. How come? She got money from sponsor and it make her travel cost get less.

The way her explain the travel is so nice you can see on here world of wanderlust  The most I like to read her blog when she explain about South Africa, it is sound nice place to visit. If we hear about Africa, our mind set will back in hunger country and many kids can't eat healthy food. I remember 2 years ago, I got challenge to teach in Africa when I sent my resume to be volunteer in Asian and this organization also give service to the Africa and some parts. I got it but my parents are not allow me to go there and I do what they ask me to do. Sometimes, I feel sorry why I am not go there and take the challenge to get into nice adventure.

Sometimes asian mind set should hear the parents words because if they said so, if you are not hearing about it you will get trouble in the future. Different culture and different location will make the adventure become wonderful experience. Like this woman do it, her name is brooke saward.

about Brooke Saward:

  • Brooke Saward has been Travelling the world since January 2014
  • The 23 years old from Launceston has a social media following of 320,000
  • Her blog world of wanderlust get over 950,000 page views per month
  • Brooke has visited six continets and almost 50 countries in the past year
  • Her also shared the tips how to get good traffic in her blog and including her awesome. 

Can you imagine become full traveler and the age still younger. She did it. The 23-year-old from Launceston, Tasmania, has been travelling full-time since January last year, and has managed to make a lucrative career out of it along the way. Wanna be like her, so let's dream and make it real. 


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