Friday, 26 February 2016

Indonesia Public Transportation

This Becak on Java | One of Indonesian transportation
Public transportation is very important in every country. Because without public transportation will difficult to do daily activity to go to other destination. Indonesia also has public transportation. Transportation is a necessity that can’t be separated in their daily lives. That is why human daily activities could not be separated from transport, be it human itself, goods, pets, mail, and others. 

Although Indonesia public transportation still far from comfortable zone but this transportation very helpful for people who don’t have own transportation to do their activity, including tourist who want to be backpacker to visit every part islands in Indonesia.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Chez Bon Hostel The Cheaper Hostel at Bandung

Holiday in Indonesia is nice place but sometimes if you just less money to explore Indonesia no worry because here also has many cheaper hostel with good stay too. This is my first time review the hostel. I ever stay in Chez Bon Hostel in Bandung. Let’s start from there first.

You don’t have much budged to pay for the place to sleep when you holiday in Bandung. Lets I recommend The Chez Bon Hostel in Bandung, this hostel in the middle of Bandung city. So close from Bandung station only 15 minutes and the place is in Jalan Braga. The old city in Bandung, because you can explore the Dutch Building only walk to that place, including to go to Bandung Square. This location so strategist with the good budged indeed.

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