Monday, 21 September 2015

International Peace Day


Every 21 September every city always remember this day as the Peace World Day. International Peace Day! Today, we want to say Happy Peace World Day. We hope one day no more war in the world not only just 24 hours ONLY!

THE War always give us the sadness, thedestroy for the people. Every body feel so sad, their son/daughter death in the world. People feel sorry while watch the news and watching the effect of war. Victims try to escape from their lovely country to find peace.

The war never has good story for the people. The war always make people lost the beloved people. Can we stop the war one day? Hope never less, the happy future always in the front. One day and some how we hope and believe the war will end. The happiness will come in the world. We said Happy International Peace Day. Hope this is not just dream……..

LET'S PRAY for the peace in the WORLD; Said WE LOVE PEACE! STOP WAR

The Blog Myadventurelife said Happy International Day, 
Let's bring PEACE in our FUTURE to make world more wonderful
SAY NO TO WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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