Thursday, 3 September 2015

Enjoying Afternoon Time at Batu

Making experience by yourself to see different things
Find magic around you to know what is life come
Appreciate your time to get freedom of life
-Citra Pandiangan-

Holiday is always good moment for everybody. If you like small town and fresh oxygen, better you go to Batu-Malang. Because this place is the cool, fresh hill town. Batu located near Malang, just need around less 1 hours to get there from Malang. Many places you can visit there, but today I want shared about alun-Alun Batu.

Alun Alun, Batu (the centre point of Batu town). A small park in the middle of Batu town, where locals regularly take walks and idle about. The newly re-worked Alun Alun is adorned with representations of pretty much all of Batu's specialties: apples, strawberries, milk-producing cows, rabbits, etc. as booths, lanterns and statues. There is also a decent-sized ferris wheel with Rp.3,000 entrance fee... and a drinking water tap.

The park is quite cool and many people there to enjoy the afternoon till the evening. You also can find the culinary there. This place is good to get relaxing and enjoy the afternoon with reading book and hunting food.   There is many local people spend time in afternoon around 3 til 7 pm. Beware this Batu the public transportation just operation till 5 pm only. If you go there with the transportation local. Notice the time.

Seat in the park, looking the kids play water in the park or eating many food there because this is the central of heart Batu. I bet you will love it in Batu.


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