Friday, 6 March 2015

My Travel Journey

Since I was born in July a few years ago, I did many time journey in my life. Maybe this tree is not all the city of Indonesia I did visit it. But this is just some part I ever visit till my age like this. I want make the tree of my travel journey.

I know everybody has dream and most of people have dream to travel around the world, including me. Although I am not lucky like some people which already step their feet in Europe but I wish one day I also can do like what they do.

This tree still in part of Indonesia and also East Asia, I wish one day it will full of name of city and village I ever visit in Indonesia and also East Asia plus Europe. That is my desire and dream for traveling. I know many friends said I am crazy want travel to Europe because it need big money to get there but I won't give up to make sure one day I can visit that. I will tell you what is my dream journey i


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