Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Yogyakarta My Third Favorite City in Indonesia

I was in front of my room at BP Kragilan Kost
The first time I visited Yogyakarta, it was 14 years ago. After visiting Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. My journey still not end. This was amazing moment in hole my life. Finally, I decided to continue my study after graduated from High School at 1999. Worked almost two years in different department. My first time I went travel in Java Island with my papa. First, we used ship Batam, Riau Islands to Jakarta, Java Island. The big capital in Java Island. Literary the journey to get me to Yogyakarta. Tanjungpinang Island-Batam Island-Jakarta-Yogyakarta. Use public transportation, ship, bus, and taxi.

I never imagine, after we turn from the ship, my journey sti
ll long time. That was very tiring but also excited. That was like my dream come true. I never imagine, I can continue my study. I really want to go to college. Tralalalala, I got an opportunity to be student again. My mom asked me to college at  Indonesia Advent University at Bandung. But I deny it and if I can say this time, half disappointed and half good experience when I decided college at Yogyakarta.  

As long as my good memories said, we arrive in the night in Batam and ship should go in early morning. So, we spend one night in Batam. After that, use ship to get Jakarta. That was unbelievable, another long hours in the ship and it was in economic class again. I really won't to use sea transportation, actually. But, papa always like use it and that was not urgent time. So that was o.k mama said. 

After long hours, finally Jakarta. That was still early morning and dark time. I can't see view just hundred of people like sea in the Jakarta. I never imagine that before. No rest, because in the ship already much time just stay in bed. So, journey in bus. Still need long time and NOTE: Still very bad traffic. So, here I am seat in the bus to get to the Student City, another named Yogyakarta in Indonesia. 

We arrived before 4 am. So papa decided to find hotel, we used taxi to get hotel near my direction to the campus. So, we stay in near ..... I forgot the name, but I still remember the place, because it was near my gym place when I was study there. I will edit it when remember that.

#2 Days outside Tanjungpinang

Early morning, papa wake me up to ready to go to campus. We should find campus, so here I was in the bath room to shower with the tired body and sleepy eyes. Then, breakfast after that many stuff to do. I should register at campus, find kost (dorm) and buy some stuff what I need to buy.

Finally, we found the campus. The campus was not famous and not state university. Because the register for the state already close, so just some campuses still open. I decided to college at Academy Foreign Language. After register at the campus, then we were hunting kost, that was so damn difficult, many kost I found already full of people, none vacancy.

Looking and walking then we got one unique kost near paddle and that kost just for women only. Papa love it and I just follow it. Now, we called that kost, BP Kragilan kost, our memories 3 years in that place as my second home. The kost was empty, no bed, just a room and public toilet and bath room. But that was o.k then nothing. After pay for three months. Then, papa asked me for shopping time. I love it, shopping hahahahaha.

to be continue

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