Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Batam The "Hot" City Part 1

I am not sure what is exactly the first time I visit Batam, Riau Islands. I just remember in my memories, the first time I visit Batam when I got job as a reporter in one of daily newspaper in Tanjungpinang. So I and some "new" friends should go to Batam to get training there. Actually, I am only a woman in that group. I am blind about Batam and actually I am nervous. Can you Imagine, I never go there and now I should stay in Batam and I don't have single friend too there.

Early morning I already in Sri Bintan Pura Port to start my journey in Batam. I am waiting the new friends and I don't know them.  We use ferry to take us to Batam. I still remember the Sentosa Ferry, we choose because my the stranger said that is cheaper price then the other service of ferry. I just follow them and then we continue to go to one of high building in Batamcentre, the place we will spend our three months training to be journalist.

Short story, my new friends and I already in the building from Punggur Batam Port to get that place we used taxi. We arrived and we went to the eight floors. One of the senior that welcome us and they take us in the room meeting, I am little confused and hungry because this newspaper the deadline is faster then the other group of xxxxxxxx  So they asked us to wait till they had free time. We feel so hungry because none of us eat in early morning. So we asked permission to go to find food.

This building was very strategist and near mall, so I asked them to eat in fast food, but they disagree with my idea, with good negotiation and said has promo price in 02.00-04.00 pm, so they could not rejected my suggestion. Here we were, eating and relaxing and also wonder about what happened for us in the evening time.

Because I was the only woman in the group, one of senior take me to one of woman senior reporter to stay there until I get my own rent room in Batam. After hard discussing, finally the owner house allow me to stay with her and her niece who also work as one of employee in Batam. 

Actually Batam is hot city and people said Batam is like dessert red sands and no have trees make Batam more hot. The most is the old story about Batam who famous with "women and ............

To be continue 


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