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Wonderful Fishes at Sea World | Dufan Jakarta

Enjoy life is good and no need to holiday to aboard if you still have fun in Indonesia. The first time I never bored to visit Sea World. Sea World Indonesia is the first underwater world recreation area in Indonesia with thousands collections of marine fauna in many different colors. Sea World Indonesia occupies a three hectares area with the building spreading about 4500m2.

If you want to visit Sea World, you should come to  Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park. Because sea world is one  complex in that area. The ticket to entrance Ancol Dreamland Park around 30.000 IDR and the ticket to sea world around 90.000 IDR (this price when I visit there on end 2013). 

In here you can see many kinds of marine fauna placed in many aquariums which layed out tidily at Sea World Indonesia. Sea World Indonesia is carrying three missions for its existence, which are as an underwater educational facility, underwater conservation and entertainment. I really love it so badly and never bored.

The facilities SeaWorld Indonesia possessed are including the main aquarium (saltwater aquarium), fresh water aquarium, mermaid or dugong aquarium, marine area, Antasena Tunnel, gift shop, library, restaurant and touch screen computer.

#Main Aquarium (Saltwater Aquarium) The main aquarium becomes the habitat of thousands Indonesian saltwater animals in variouse kind of colors. The main aquarium is capable to store up to 5 milion liter of saltwater and is the biggest saltwater aquarium in South East Asia.

#Freshwater Aquarium
Sea World’s freshwater aquarium has variouse kinds of freshwater fish’s collections from all over the world. The collections in the freshwater aquarium are including piranha, electric eel, and red tail freshwater catfish from Amazon River.

#Dugong Aquarium
Dugong AquariumDugong aquarium inhabited by dugong, a scarce and cute sea mammal which moves in gentle and charming gestures. The marine area presents the beauty of variouse kinds and color of fishes that lives in corals, such as clown fish, cockaktoo fish, and kepe-kepe fish.

#Antasena Tunnel
Antasena TunnelAntasena Tunnel is a tunnel which length is 80 meters equipped with conveyer to let the visitors to just enjoy seeing and observing the fishes in the aquariam covering the tunnel without any need to walk around. The conveyor will bring the visitors go along the tunnel. The huge aquarium that cover the tunnel makes it as if the visitors walk in it is in the bottom of an ocean with thousands of fishes swimming above them.

The most I love to look is in Antasena Tunnel. Why? Do you need reason? Because it was the big one and making me like in under sea. I can see many fishes swimming and feel happy because I can't swim and I really want to diving one day. So, this is perfect moment in my day when I visit this area.

Wanna see the fish eaten, the management already has fix schedule, so you can see it in the right time. Feeding the marine animals is a very interesting show to see at SeaWorld Indonesia. Many fishes will come out and eat with the full of style hahahaha.

Feeding Schedules
  • For sting rays, seafish, turtle and other fishes in the main saltwater aquarium are to be feed on 11:00 and 15:30 on Monday to Friday, and on 11:00, 02:00 pm and 04:30 pm on every weekend and holidays.
  • Aquarium for sharks to be feed everyday on 02:00 pm.
  • Sharks and turtle collections in the pool that can be touched by visitors to be feed everyday on 10:00, 01:30 pm and 05:00 pm.
  • Crocodile babies to be feed everyday on 2:00 pm.
  • Dugong to be feed everyday on 09:15 am, 11:30 am and 02:30 pm.
  • Piranha to be feed on 09:30 am every Monday to Friday and on 12:00 pm on weekend and holidays.
I know Ancol Dreamland Park is very big places with many attractive there. So don't get lost if you want to visit Sea World. Sea World Indonesia is located next to Gelanggang Samudera, an exhibition arena for dolphins, white whale and sea lions that accompanied with four dimensions theater (Theater 4-D). 

my ex roommate at Batam-Kepri
Wanna spend this weekend there? Just go there. You are just tourist here and don't know the way to go there? Don't worry I am good woman so I will give you direction how to go there by public transportation. 

Whatever your position just find the busway with destination Ancol, because this is the last halte (bus stop of busway). For the easy way if you from kota tua, west Jakarta. You will in Kota Tua Halte and waiting the bus to go to Mangga Dua. Turn from Mangga Dua, then continue with the Kampung Melayu-Ancol; or other rute with the last destination on Ancol. The price this busway just 3.500 IDR and you no need pay if you are not walk out from the halte busway whatever you got lost.

If you from central harmony bus stop of busway, you have two alternative
You can choose direction to Pulogadung line and stop in Senen halte. 
with my ex room at Jakarta and now she in Timur Laste
You can choose direction to PGC line and stop in Pal Putih, then go to the other side (not the place you turn) then wait the bus with direction to ANCOL. I love this direction because no need to walk little far to get the central senen. So you will not get lost. If I compare with the Pulogadung direction line, you stop in Senen then you should walk cross the bridge and then you should find the line to get queue to go to Ancol. Most of employee busway can't speak english but don't worry you still understand to speak with the body language. Just don't forget to bring note and pen to write your direction.

Do and DONT
Bring note and pen to make you easy write the direction to people where is your destination.
Don't brother to ask officer, if you can't find the officer who can speak english, just ask people around you.
Don't wear many jewel if you go in public place because will get attention from the bad people (thief, pocket thief). 
Enjoy your time in the busway, because it will need time to wait the bus with your destination.

Simple way
Hire taxi to get you there but in afternoon time very crowded and traffic jam, will expensive expanse.

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