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Coban Rondo Waterfall

 Coban Rondo is a beautiful water fall on the slope of Mount Panderman resort that is about 32 km to the west from Malang, and just 12 km from Batu. It is very interested to see and visit. The height of waterfall is about 80 meter and average temperature on this site is 22 degree. You can find and enjoy beautiful panorama ore peaceful impression around the waterfall. Before enjoying the waterfall, you need to walk around 50 m from the parking area. You will be welcomed be grey monkeys, and refreshing green landscape. The fresh temperature of this area attracts you to enjoy fresh air and surroundings to enjoy holidays here.

Beside having waterfall as the core of the attraction, outbound activities and camping ground are provided to accommodate visitors activities. You can sit and relax and eat grilled corns sold at the side of parking areas. Coban Rondo is located at Pandansari village Kecamatan Pujon, in the region of KPH Perum Perhutani Malang. Water debits when rainy season is 150 liters oer second and at dry seasons is 90 liters per second.

The Legend of Coban Rondo

Once upon a time there was a couple who just got married, Prince Raden Baron Kusuma and Princess Dewi Anjarwati. On their way to visit the prince’s parents, a man named Joko Lelono held them up.

He fell in love with the princess and wanted to take her. The fight couldn’t be avoided so the prince commanded his guards to take the princess to a place where the waterfall was. The princess waited for the prince at the waterfall but unfortunately both men died during the fight so the princess became a widow.

In Javanese widow is called rondo and waterfall is coban. It was then that waterfall was named Coban Rondo. It was said that one of the big rocks there was the princess’ sitting place. You can sit on it and imagine how the princess felt during the long wait for her beloved husband to come.

How to get there:
Whatever your position in Batu, just go to Terminal batu (Batu stop bus), in here you can choose bus PO Puspa Indah direction Jombang / Kediri via Pujon and ask turn at Patung Sapi (Cow Statue) and the fee around 15.000 IDR. Another alternative, you can choose Angkot BNK route Batu – Ngantang – Kasembon; This angkot red color, this angkot pass to Pujon. Duration to get to junction of Pujon need 30-45 minutes, for this angkot to Pujon just pay around 7.000 IDR (0.70 USD).

After that you can walk around 500 meter to register or pay ticket entrance to Coban Rondo waterfall. Then should walk around 4 km. Simple way, you can hire ojek Motor bike taxi driver, the price in ojek base already fix one way 20.000 IDR (2 USD) and because that place in the middle of forest. Just ask the driver ojek to pick you up. Just tell him what’s time he should pick you up and meet in parking area. 40.000 IDR (4 USD) for return to the ojek. No signal in this place, one hour is enough if just want to enjoy the waterfall.

Note: Most people suggestion to Coban Rondo better use bus Kediri via Pujon, because this bus is not ngetem (waiting passengers in some spots and not long time stop in Terminal Batu waiting passengers). Different like, angkot, stop to waiting passengers to long time. Your choice.

Facility at Coban Rondo:

  • River Tubing
  • Tasung
  • Volley Jump
  • Family Gathering
  • Labyrinth
  • Explore Forest
  • War Game (Paint Ball)
  • Fun Tubing
  • Flying Fox

For enjoy that, that is just open on weekend and public holiday or peak season only of group.
Coban Rondo Waterfall
Office                : PT Perhutani Alam Wisata
                           Unit Kerja Wana Wisata Coban Rondo
                           Desa Pandesari – Kecamatan Pujon
                           Kabupaten Malang 65391
Number Phone   : (0341) 502 5147
Ticketing Fee     : 100.000 IDR


Wahyu Widyaningrum said...

lengkipnya Mbak Citra, sak crita rondo2ne, keceh :) Aku lum pernah ke sini :)

Citra Pandiangan said...

heheh, masa belum pernah ke waterfall coban mbak, biasa aja seh tapi seru juga lho.....

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