Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Apple Farm at Agro Kusuma Tourism

Agro Kusuma tourism is located in Ngaglik village, Batu district, Malang. One stop service has implemented in Agro Kusuma Tourism. The unforgettable experience can found here after visiting apple plantation, flower, coffee, strawberry, and hydroponics vegetables (non- insecticide).

This tourism object allows the visitors to pluck apple directly from tree. We just meet this interesting activity in Agro Kusuma tourism. You can pick the apples and oranges in the plantation area and tasted them. Feel the fresh and health fruit from its tree.

Besides, Agro Kusuma tourism is facilitated with mini zoo, green house, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, warm swimming pool, badminton hall, tennis court, volley field, etc. If you become guess in that hotel for the enjoy swimming pool, badminton hall and tennis court etc.

Founded in 1991 Kusuma Agro is one of the Agrotourism pioneer in Batu, In here guest can enjoy beautifull sightseeing of an fruit plantation, pick fresh fruit directly from its trees. Welcome drink like strawberry or apple juice will be given upon arrival.

Kusuma Agro produces Strawberry juice, Apple juice and any other products from their own farm.  The price to visit Agro Kusumo Batu has varian price start 55.000 IDR till 70.000 IDR.

Package Wisata Petik Apel (Package Pick Apple Tourism)
Package 1 welcome drink yogurt, pick two apples from the tree, pick two rose apples or orange, toast and fruit jucie. Weekday for package 1 the price 55.000 IDR and weekend 60.000 IDR.

Package 2 welcome drink yogurt, pick two apples from the tree, pick two rose apples or orange, noodles fried or fried rice, fruit juice. The weekday price is 65.000, IDR and weekend 70.000 IDR.

 Package Wisata Petik Strawberry (Package Pick Strawberry Tourism)
Package 1 welcome drink yogurt, pick four Strawberries from tree, pick two rose apples or orange, pudding and Strawberry juice, Vegetable Hydroponics 1 pack. The price weekday is 55.000 IDR and for the weekend, the price is 60.000 IDR.

Package 2 welcome drink yogurt, pick four Strawberries from tree, pick two rose apples or orange, Strawberry juice, fruit pancake with ice cream and Vegetable Hydroponics 1 pack. The price is 65.000 IDR for weekday and weekend the price around 70.000 IDR.

The best time to pick apple from the tree are December, Januari and February. In that month is a lot of apple in the farm. Although basically apples always bear fruit throughout the season , but in April , May and June, the inventory conditions in the garden quite a lot of farmers . As for the month of July, August, September and October in the garden conditions apple fruit growers somewhat reduced.

Kusuma Agrowisata Group at Jalan Abdul Gani Atas PO BOX 36, Batu - Jawa Timur, near Jatim Park II or exactly near Batu Secret Zoo. Your access pass exactly with access to Batu Secret Zoo , but by the time you arrive at the junction Karangploso , continue to follow the road because the road is one-way street.

You can use public transportation, angkot BTL and ask stop in Jatim Park II. Then continue walk or use ojek (motor bike taxi). Because none public transportation pass this road. Better hire ojek in home stay, some home stay like in Alvukat provide services for ojek. This driver will be waiting you or you just give the time what’s time he should pick you up. This ojek is not take you in one destination tourism but it also can take you in some destinations and it should bargain first until find the deal price. Another alternative you can rent motor bike if you have lience, Batu is not so big like in capital city, so you can rent motor bike in home stay too.

The famous apple farm is Kusuma Agro Tourism but Batu has many farms for apple. If you want to visit farming village communities with the cheaper price and also welcome guide. You can visit Tani Makmur Abadi Group at Jalan Diponegoro 10 Desa Tulungrejo, Bumiaji, Batu or contact person (0341) 511 158; Mr Herry (0341) 9638 045 or Mr Harno (0341) 968 9229.


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