Friday, 1 April 2016

D’Topeng Kingdom Museum

Museum angkot is unique and different museum. If you visit that museum, you also had change to visit D’Topeng Kingdom Museum. This museum has 2000 collection of mask. In this area you can find 2,000 masks displayed typical of parts of the archipelago, and hundreds of other antiques from prehistoric times to the kingdom of Majapahit. All collections presented here are native to Indonesia. The objects that he got from the people directly and from the collector, even some he obtained from foreign nationals.

Visitors who enter the D' Mask Kingdom Museum will be shown various ancient objects and mystical like thousands of masks, hundreds dagger, puppet sculpture, sculpture Tao - tao Toraja, a statue of death by Al - Quran 400 years old. The masks are placed in a separate large glass cabinets based on the origin of the region. There are masks and distinctive heritage from East Java, Central Java, West Java, East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi , Kalimantan to Papua. Special masks from Java and Bali have differences with the mask of the other islands. Javanese mask, for example, is more varied than the mask from outside Java.

Because the mask is more variegated coloration, while outside Java mask patterned still more primitive. In addition, the masks of Java and Bali have a color and delicate carvings. It shows, at that time in Java and Bali culture is more advanced than other areas. The collection of masks we can learn the culture of the archipelago. The masks are much tells the story of Ramayana. Even the mask is used as a tool of struggle, for example, a patterned mask Dutch soldiers who used to struggle against the Dutch. In addition, the mask has the power to be delivered to the international world. Bringing international missions through the mask to be easier, than puppets who only owned by several countries.

The Ticket fee to entrance the Museum Angkot and D’Topeng Kingdom Museum:

Price Ticket Museum Angkot
The price is 60.000 IDR weekday (Monday to Thusday); Weekend (Friday to Sunday and high season or public holiday) is 80.000 IDR.

Price Ticket Museum Angkot plus D’topeng Kingdom
The price is 70.000 IDR weekday (Monday to Thusday); Weekend (Friday to Sunday and high season or public holiday) is 90.000 IDR.

Note: If you bring cam (kind of DSLR, Polaroid, Handycam, Digital Cam, etc) except Handphone you should pay one cam is 30.000 IDR.

The Museum Angkot

Office               : Jl. Terusan Sultan Agung No 2 Batu, Malang
Phone Number  : 082144468002
Email                :
Open Hours       : 12.00 pm till 08.00 pm


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