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Shopping Centre and Old Building

Bandung City The Heaven Shopping Time

Holiday in Bandung is not perfect without shopping. Bandung is paradise shopping for tourist, many Asia tourist come to Bandung just for shopping only, because the price is cheaper and good quality. Let’s start from Pasar Baru Bandung. Pasar Bandung is near Bandung Station. If you just arrive from Station Bandung, there has two gates, North (Jalan Kebun Kawung)  and South (Jalan Sirih/Jeruk), choose South side because this more close to get Pasar Baru and near terminal bus and angkot. 

You turn left and will find junction, turn right and walk around 200 meters and cross the street. Just walk need 10-15 minutes. Then you will see Pasar Baru Trade Center at Jalan  Otto Iskandardinata 20, Kebon Jeruk,Andir, Bandung.

If branded fashions and exclusive factory outlets are not for you, then Bandung still has something up its shopping’s sleeves. Located just a short walk from Bandung’s Central Train Station, just need walk 10 minutes to get Pasar Baru Trade Center which offers Bandung’s finest products and the sensation of old fashioned shopping style which involves the interactive art of Bargaining.

What you can find in this shopping center, this building has 6 floors and contain for textile, bag, accessories, jewel, jeans, fashion, souvenir, mouslem clothes, Bandung food center and traditional market. For fashion is like products ranging from daily popular clothing, such as T-shirts, shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, sweaters; to luxurious dresses or suits. Muslim style collection of Muslim wear such as Hijabs, turbans, sarongs, Mukenah (shallat dresses for ladies), praying mats, and others. You can also find one floor that is solely dedicated to selling various fabrics.

In traditional market which variety sells of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and many more in traditional market based in Level B1 and B2; Want to buy souvenir like snack Bandung or traditional snack Bandung, you can find in Bandung Snack Center on level D1; For level 2 that is special for textile products with high quality and variety of design motif fabrics and many color; That is not completed if you don’t match your fabric with the bags or wallet, you can find many models and style bags in the Level D2 and 6; For bed cover ad bed sheet center you can look around in Level 1 and 2; for moslem fashion you can see in Level 4. Ah hungry look around and shopping, let’s enjoy traditional food and modern food in Level 6. This is best place for enjoy the food and relax after shopping time.

Cihampelas Walk | Ci-walk

Shopping in Cihampelas Walk or can be short Ci-walk you can find different sensation. This shopping concept is offering different mall in Indonesia. Cihampelas Walk is a shopping center with a different atmosphere, because the mall was founded in the middle of an open area (open water), so that is a blend of modern shopping building with a beautiful natural atmosphere and refreshing.

Cihampelas Walk in the fashion shopping area (exact center of the store jeans) Cihampelas streets of Bandung which has long been renowned as a tourist destination both locally and overseas. From Cihampelas Walk, frenzied atmosphere that blend Cihampelas road between rows of shops and vehicle congestion, will not be felt. In different areas, beautiful and clean these visitors will be more convenient to shop.

You can buy fashion products are like t-shirt, jeans and many things with the good price. This place also has many culinary you can find many variety food in this place too. The different concept will make you enjoy to shopping in afternoon and evening time. This place is open 10.00 AM till 10.00 PM.

Factory Outlet Jalan Dago
Many people said if You still not visit Dago that mean is not perfect. Jalan Dago is factory outlets for shopping time and this place so interested, because many alternative factory outlets you can find here. As long as Jalan Dago, many outlets for man, woman and kids fashion. This place is famous and many artist from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and other country shopping in this place.

 This place is beautiful and cold air because many tree and make this place so cold and comfortable. Outlets in Jalan Dago spoil customers with new style, full color and up to date model. These are some factory outlet you can visit in Jalan Dago, Grande Factory Outlet, Central Branded Outlet, Blossom Factory Outlet, Level Factory Outlet, Glamour factory Outlet, Gossip Factory Outlet, Rafles Factory Outlets, Runway Factory Outlets and still many outlet you can see.  The local tourist said Factory Outlets with FO, in this place many famous branded you can find and also famous textile you can find in this area.

Shopping Shoes at Cibaduyut
Shoe shopping famous in Bandung city is Cibaduyut Region. This area is developed and known for long time, because quality of shoes Cibaduyut equivalent products of other nations. In addition to footwear products, Cibaduyut Region is also famous for leather products, such as jackets, bags, belts, and other types of accessories.

Shoes made ​​Cibaduyut actually been widely used in various circles. Ifnyou wear the label "Made in Cibaduyut", hardly a lot of takers. Consumers prefer shoes with foreign brands that sound more trendy and up to date. In fact, the shoes with the famous brand in reality, many are made ​​here and most of the products home made. Some products made from genuine leather raw cow or calf or lamb skin. Production output shoes are usually marketed directly at the edge of the road Cibaduyut Raya with many stall and shoe stores. Production is in the back alleys Cibaduyut.  You can find products shoes in all road Cibaduyut, because many stalls in Jalan Raya Cibaduyut.

This location is not far from Luewih Panjang Bus Terminal (Bus stop) which that is making visitor easy to use public transportation to visit Cibaduyut.


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