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Enjoy Time at Borobudur Part2

Fact You can find in Borobudur Temple
According to Buddhism, Buddha means giving deep admiration to good spirit. Building Borobudur Temple consist three major sections, they are:

  • The first section called as “Kamadhatu” which describes the human lives which have able to control desires which is describes the human lives which have able to control desires which is described by the foundation section. 
  • The second section called as “Rupadhatu” which it describes human lives which have able to control desires yet still bound by forms. 
  • The third section called as “Arupadhatu” which describes nirwana and sunyata world, described by three terraces in form of circles.Buddha statue in the Borobudur Temple is 204 units. In the holed stupa (dome) in the three terraces under the main stupa is 72 statues which were called as “wajra satwa”. In the niches Rupadhatu level there are 432 pieces which are called as “Dyani Buddha”. Dyani Buddha area on each side temple starting from wall of level I until level IV have different positions. This posture is called as Mudra. There is also has 32 lions statues to be found in Borobudur Temple which this function as gate guard the temple.

FACILITY in Borobudur Park

  • Guess house Borobudur park is equipped with restaurant seminar room, library and audio visual about Borobudur’s story. 
  •   Exhibition or museum hall 
  • Research or Conservation center of temple stones 
  • Some player houses for moslems and toilets spread in the park 
  • Plant cultivation site 
  • Parking lot to accommodate 90 buses, 260 cars, and 200 motor bike 
  • 2 international class restaurants 
  • Ticket box office in both sides of entrance and goods storage 
  • Information center where visitors can obtain further information about the park and Borobudur temple Playground area for children and Elephants

·             What you can do in Borobudur Temple Area?

You can explore Borobudur Temple in the terraces temple and also can see the view hill from the temple.  there are fantastic views from the temple over green fields and trees to distant hills and volcanoes, including active Merapi mountain. As you know, Borobudur consists of six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with no less than 2.672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues of various types. The main dome, located at the center of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated inside perforated stupas. The square base is 118 m (387 ft) long on each side, and the highest point 35 m (114 ft) above ground level. The distinctive shape and structure of Borobudur is the dome and its three circular symmetrical terraces. There are also six different postures of Buddha as you ascend the platforms. The wall reliefs is recounting the life stories of Buddha, from law of Karma to birth of Buddha and his journey towards searching for the ultimate truth.

You can used tour guide for explain the story from the level I until up level, the price for the tour guide around 75.000 IDR – 100.000 IDR per hour. If you won’t use the tour guide, You can look around from the left side to the right for the level I till IV. That is need one hour to explore all the temple step by step with this way to look all level reliefs in the temple.

After that, don’t forget to visit Borobudur Museum. There are two museums located within Borobudur Archaeological Park, the Karmawibhanga Museum and the Samudraraksa Museum. These museums are housed inside the park just a few hundred meters to the north of the temple. These museum ticket are already included within the Borobudur entrance ticket, you are free to enter the museum.

The second museum is The Samudraraksa Museum display the actual size replica of Borobudur Ship. It also display the maritime technology and trade network of 8th century Asia and Africa, especially the maritime trade of Indian Ocean. In 1982 a British naval history scholar called Philip Beale was visiting Borobudur when he noticed 10 panels depicting ocean-going ships. He surmised that these ships may have been a part of a famous shipping route — the Cinnamon Route — that linked Indonesia to Africa many centuries earlier. This led Beale to build a model ship based on those depictions, and that is now housed in its own dedicated space within the museum.

The Karmawibhanga Museum display archaeological findings around Borobudur, the restoration process, as well as the photographs of Karmawibhanga relief on hidden foot of Borobudur. It does a sometimes haphazard job of presenting the restoration process. Perhaps the most interesting exhibitions about this are those of the law of karma reliefs, with explanatory comments, and the photo gallery of late 19th-century shots of the complex before it was restored. The museum is open daily 6AM-6PM and entry is included with the main Borobudur ticket. Normally Borobudur Temple open to public from 06.00 am to 5.00 pm but only those with sunrise tours can get in before 8am. For walk in you can get in at 8am.

Borobudur temple in Indonesia is a famous world heritage site known for its Buddhist temple complex, the management Borobudur try to give good part for tourist who want to visit Borobudur, the other style is Borobudur Elephant Tour. For this Borobudur Elephant Safari Package has many variant route and price. For the Borobudur Dagi Hill Adventure package the price is 250.000 IDR per person with the route Elephant’s cage-Canary intersection-Southeastern slope of Dagi hill-Tip of Dagi hill-Southern slope of Dagi Hill- The unique Borobudur art Gallery-playground and back to the cage. The expensive package is Borobudur Dagi Hll night adventure package, the price is 1.500.000 IDR per person with the route Elephant’s cage-Canary intersection-southeastern slope of Dagi hill-Northern slope of Dagi hill-Northwestern Slope Dagi Hill- Top Dagi Hill-western slope dagi hill-southern slope dagi hill-the unique of Borobudur art gallery-playground and back to the cage.

How to go there when already in Yogyakarta, By:

·         Rent Car with the Driver or you have an international license for driving car
·         Rent Motorbike (If you have international license)
·         Used Travel Agent
·         Public Transportation (Taxi, Bus, Angkot)

Borobudur is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Yogyakarta, where many day trip tours can be booked. In Yogyakarta is not all tourism place can visit by public transportation especially angkot or mini bus. But for Borobudur Temple you can visit it by public transportation. Whatever you place just go to Terminal Jombor (Bus Stop Jombor). As you know in Yogyakarta already new transportation Transjogja and this bus also have service to Jombor terminal. So you can used this transportation first with the fee 4.000 IDR. After that continue with the mini bus with the title Yogyakarta-Muntilan-Borobudur or sometimes the bus made it short Yogya-Munti-Boro. First you should out first from the shelter Transjogja, the bus area is near toilet or behind shelter Jombor Terminal. Look the old bus but that is still useful and also safety. The price around 20.000 IDR – 25.000 IDR depend on bus conductor. The way to get to Borobudur Temple is an hour journey. The reason bus will stop to up and down passengers. Don’t worry the end bus will in Borobudur Terminal.

After the bus conductor said “Terakhir, Tujuan Terakhir (The end bus, the last destination). You should turn from the bus and just find the way to out in the main street. If you already find it, you turn left then you will see T-junction just turn left again. Follow the street, you can see the Mendut Temple, you can visit this first before continue to walk to Borobudur Park area. After that you will find T-junction again, this time cross the street or turn right. Then you see the entrance area park Borobudur for cars, buses and motorbike. Just follow the direction to get the entrance Borobudur Area to pay the ticket before entrance the Borobudur area. To get Borobudur area from the Borobudur Terminal if you walk need 15-20 minutes. If you want to choose becak, first you bargain till get the price 15.000 IDR. Because this price is normally the driver wants to take you from terminal Borobudur to Borobudur park entrance.

When you already pay the ticket, you can see many trees and also nice some toilet and information center. You can take a rest or you can continue to look a famous world heritage site known for its Buddhist temple complex. Before you go to this area, officer will borrow you sarong to used in Borobudur area. The sarong also has motive Borobudur temple, when you finish look around Borobudur temple area, you can give it back when you go to outside of Borobudur temple. In the temple area is very hot because no trees in the temple. Better bring an umbrella or rent an umbrella or just use a hat to make you not feel so hot from the shine of sun.

Tired after looking around Borobudur Temple, don’t worry you can find many stalls in Borobudur to eat some food or also want to shopping after look around. Don’t forget the last bus Borobudur to Yogyakarta is around 03.00 pm. Just make sure you can catch the bus before that time.

NOTE: Don’t forget bring an umbrella or hat when look around Borobudur Temple because in up Borobudur area the weather very hot. Plus bring a bottle water just in case if you feel thirsty when look around the Borobudur temple, because in the temple area no stall to sell food. 

Public Transportation to Borobudur Temple
  1. Used Trans Jogja to get you to Jombor Terminal 4.000 IDR
  2. Jombor Terminal, used Yogyakarta-Muntilan-Borobudur mini bus 25.000 IDR
  3. Becak from Borobudur Terminal to Borobudur Park area 15.000 IDR
  4. Ticketing to entrance Borobudur Temple 220.000 IDR ($20 US)


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