Tuesday, 6 January 2015

About Me

Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog and interest with my articles here. This blog I make because I just want to shared my adventure life. This blog special about Indonesia contain for this moment. Because I stay in Indonesia. As we know, Indonesia is country and contain with the islands around it. Indonesia has Java island (Pulau Jawa), Borneo Island (Pulau Kalimantan), Sumatra Island (Pulau Sumatra), Riau Island (Kepulauan Riau), Sulawesi Island (Pulau Sulawesi),  many more.

Honestly, I just ever visit some cities and village in Indonesia. I was born in Balikpapan, East Borneo (Kalimantan Timur), after graduating high school, my parents moved to Bintan Island (Pulau Bintan), actually in Tanjungpinang city. This place is small then Balikpapan and the first time I moved here, I didn't like this city at all. Now, I can say I love every part where I am stay and where I live has different "heaven" hiding in every islands in Indonesia.

Actually, I want make book about my journey in East Java but still not confidence yet so, I decided to share in this blog. That is why I make this blog and also to remind me how is beautiful life and view in every part my step feet go. As long as I breath, I did travel and stay or just holiday in Siantar (North Sumatra), Medan (north sumatra), Tenggarong (East Kalimantan), Samarinda (east Kalimantan), Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, Bali Island, Lombok, Jakarta and some cities and village in Indonesia.

My future dream to visit Indonesia in part of Florest, Sulawesi, Makasar, Derawan Island (east Kalimantan), Natuna, Timor Laste, and many islands in Indonesia. I wish I will find donation to traveling and making good story in this blog :) I know English is not my mother language and I still keep writing and learning in English to get good and perfect grammar. If any incorrect grammar don't be hesitate to help me find out which my fault sentences. I am appreciate it.

My Simple biography :

My name is Citra Pandiangan and I am the second child from five brother and sister from Pandiangan family. I graduated from Academy Foreign Language in Yogyakarta 2004. I have been work as Housekeeping Department (2010-2001), Volunteer Extra Curriculum Teacher (2003-2004)  journalism (2005-2011), Administrative (2011-2013), Temporary Secretary (2014), Freelance Writer (2014-now).

For more information about Citra Pandiangan you can visit me on about citra 


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