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#77 Best Indonesia Culinary to Pleasure You

Holiday without enjoy culinary is not the best part to pleasure your perfect holiday. Indonesia is the best part for someone who love culinary adventure. You can find many food start from the appetizer menu, main course and dessert. The unique drinks also should try and make your adventure will be best ever you get in your best part holiday.

Why I make this article about food in Indonesia because when I was traveling alone and talk with some tourists, they think most of Indonesian food is noodles. Actually many food you can try to taste culinary Indonesia

Culinary food you can find in every city, village in Indonesia

1. #Bakso
Bakso or baso is Indonesian meatball or meat paste made from beef or fish ball, this serve with yellow noodles and white noodles with the soup. More perfect if put the sambal (spicy) include soya bean sauce and tomato sauce. 

2. #Mie Ayam
Chicken noodles. Bakmi ayam is an Indonesian common dish of yellow wheat noodle topped with diced chicken meat, seasoned with soy sauce, and usually served with a chicken broth soup. The name is shortened to mie ayam or mi ayam.

3. #Nasi Goreng
Fried rice. There is no single recipe of nasi goreng, as every fried rice dish with certain mixtures, additions, ingredients, and toppings could lead to another recipe of nasi goreng. Usually, in Indonesian households, the ingredients of nasi goreng to be prepared for daily breakfast are the leftovers of the previous day's meals preserved in the refrigerator, with fresh vegetables and eggs added.
  • Nasi Goreng
  • Nasi Goreng Special
  • Nasi Goreng Ayam
  • Nasi Goreng Komplet 

4. #Satay | Chicken or Beef Sate
Satay, modern Indonesian and Malay spelling of sate, is a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce. Every city or village in Indonesia has different serve.
  • Sate Madura
  • Sate Padang

5. #Gado-gado
Gado-gado, also known as lotek, is an Indonesian salad of slightly boiled, blanched or steamed vegetables and hard-boiled eggs, fried tofu and tempeh, and lontong, served with a peanut sauce dressing.

6. #Pecel
Pecel is a traditional Indonesian salad from Java, consisting of a mixed vegetables in peanut sauce dressing, usually served with steamed rice or sometimes with lontong or ketupat compressed rice cake.

7. #Ayam Goreng
Ayam goreng is a generic term to refer to various kinds of Indonesian and Malaysian dish of chicken deep fried in coconut oil. Ayam goreng literally means "fried chicken" in Indonesian and Malay. Unlike Southern United States style fried chicken, this Southeast Asian version is absent of batter coated flour and richer in spices.

8. #Mie Goreng
Fried Noodles. Fried noodles is also on top of Indonesian's favorite list. Mie goreng is usually served with the same complementary ingredients as nasi goreng. The taste is competitive!

9. #Karedok
Karedok is part of a wide range of Indonesian dressing and salad combinations, along with lotek, pecel and gado-gado. In many places, to retain authenticity in both the production and flavor, the peanut sauce is made in individual batches, in front of the customers. However, since the dish has gained popularity (because of the increase of Asian-themed restaurants) Karedok sauce is now mostly made ahead of time and cooked in bulk, although this is probably more common in Western restaurants rather than in Indonesia.

10. #Soto Ayam
Chicken Soto  is a yellow spicy chicken soup with lontong or nasi empit or ketupat and/or vermicelli or noodles, commonly found in Indonesia. Turmeric is added as one of its ingredients to get yellow chicken broth. Every country and village in Indonesia has different how to serve this menu and also many variant menu
  • soto ayam
  • soto babat
  • soto betawi
  • soto medan
  • soto daging sapi
  • etc

 11. #Bubur Ayam
Bubur ayam is an Indonesian chicken congee. It is rice congee with shredded chicken meat served with some condiments, such as chopped scallion, crispy fried shallot, celery, tongcay, fried soybean etc. Every city or village in Indonesia has different how to serve.

12. #Tempe dan Tahu Goreng
Tahu (or tofu) and tempe look like soul mates.  Because this seldom get separated. 
They are inseparable. Get a  
scoop of rice and sprinkled it kecap (sweet soy sauce). 

13. #Siomay

Siomay (also Somay), is an Indonesian steamed fish dumpling with vegetables served in peanut sauce.

14. #Batagor
Batagor (abbreviation from: Bakso Tahu Goreng, Sundanese and Indonesian: "fried bakso and tofu") is Sundanese Indonesian fried fish dumplings usually served with peanut sauce. It is traditionally made from tenggiri (wahoo) fish meat. Sometimes other types of seafood such as tuna, mackerel, and prawn also can be used to make batagor. Just like siomay, other complements to batagor are steamed cabbage, potatoes, bitter gourd and tofu. Batagor is cut into bite size pieces and topped with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, chili sauce and a dash of lime juice. Because being fried, batagor have crispy and crunchy texture. Since the serving method is identical, today batagor and siomay often sold under one vendor, with batagor offered as variation or addition to siomay.

15. #Rendang

Rendang is a spicy meat dish which originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Indonesia and is now commonly served across the country. One of the characteristic foods of Minangkabau culture, it is served at ceremonial occasions and to honour guests. In Minangkabau culinary tradition, there are three recognised stages in cooking meat in spicy coconut milk. The dish which results is categorised according to the liquid content of the cooked coconut milk, which ranges from the most wet and soupy to the most dry
  • Rendang ayam
  • Rendang Daging
This menu just can find in waroeng padang. You don't need to go to Padang just want to try this food. You can find in Waroeng Padang every village and city in Indonesia.

16. #Opor Ayam
Opor ayam is a chicken cooked in coconut milk from Indonesia, especially from Central Java.Spice mixture (bumbu) include galangal, lemongrass, cinnamon, tamarind juice, palm sugar, coriander, cumin, candlenut, garlic, shallot, and pepper. Opor ayam is also a popular dish for lebaran or Eid ul-Fitr, usually eaten with ketupat and sambal goreng ati (beef liver in sambal).

17.  #Nasi Uduk
Nasi uduk is an Indonesian style steamed rice cooked in coconut milk dish originally from Jakarta, which can be widely found across the country. It serve with fried egg, noodles or tempeh.

18. #Nasi Kuning
Nasi Kuning (Indonesian for: "yellow rice"), or sometimes called Nasi Kunyit (Indonesian for: "turmeric rice"), is an Indonesian rice dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric, hence the name nasi kuning (yellow rice). Nasi kuning might come in the form of a cone called a tumpeng and is usually eaten during special events. This serve with noodles, egg, chicken. Every part is different

19. #Nasi Ulam
In Indonesia, nasi ulam can be found in Betawi (native Jakartans) cuisine as well as Sumatran Malay and Bali. In Jakarta there are two types of nasi ulam, the wet (soupy) nasi ulam of northern and central Jakarta, and dry one of southern Jakarta. In Indonesia, nasi ulam usually spiced with kemangi herb, chili, sliced cucumber and sprinkled with peanuts granule, kerisik (grated and sauteed coconut) or serundeng. An array of other additional dishes are often added on top of nasi ulam, such as dendeng (beef jerky), telur dadar (omelette), perkedel (mashed potato fritter), fried tofu or tempeh, and krupuk.

20. #Nasi Campur
Nasi campur (mixed rice, also called nasi rames in Indonesia) refers to a dish of a scoop of nasi putih (white rice) accompanied by small portions of a number of other dishes, which includes meats, vegetables, peanuts, eggs and fried-shrimp krupuk.[1] Depending where it originates, a nasi campur vendor might served several side dishes, including vegetables, fish and meats

21. #Nasi Lemak
Nasi lemak is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf commonly found in Malaysia, where it is considered the national dish. It similar with nasi campur.

22. #Rawon
A beef stew from East Java that goes heavy on the keluak nut to give it a nutty flavor and a deep, black color. The soup base also mingles with garlic, shallots, ginger, turmeric and red chili to make it nice and spicy.

23. #Pecel Lele
The sight of fried catfish may surprise first-time diners since it looks almost the same as it does living -- eyeballs and all. Served with rice and red and green sambal, this is simple street fare

24. #Gulai
Gulai is the common name for curry dishes, namely those from north Sumatra. Indonesian curries have regional variations that depend on the types of meat and fish available -- though gulai almost always incorporates cinnamon. Opor and rendang can be considered gulais, but better to try out the rainbow of other options.

25. #Cah Kangkung
Otherwise known as water spinach, a common river weed, kangkung gets stir fried with sweet soybean sauce, huge slices of garlic, bird’s-eye chili and shrimp paste to take it from a poor man’s food to something with a kick. Because it grows well in any kind of soil, it is a common ingredient in dishes throughout Asia. Here the cah indicates its Chinese origins.

26. #Pepes Ikan
Pepes signifies the steaming of food in banana leaves, which gives it an earthy flavor that works well with the rich Manadonese spices (woku) it’s coupled with. When matched with tuna the result is a dense, fiery dish that holds its distinct flavors, but should be eaten gingerly.

27. #Pempek
According to lore, the name pempek refers to the old Chinese man who first produced these fish and tapioca cakes from Palembang in South Sumatra. Now a Palembang specialty, pempek or empek-empek comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.The most famed, kapal selam, literally submarine, contains a chicken egg and is rumored to be the most nutritious form of the spongy dough balls, which are sprinkled with shrimp powder and served withcuka, a dark dipping sauce made from vinegar, chili and sugar.

29. #Martabak Telur
Think of a spongy, thick crepe made with 10 times the lard and you’ll be somewhat close to imaging martabak. The sweet version looks more like a pancake filled with gooey chocolate, peanuts or cheese, while the savory one is made from crispy pulled pastry like filo that is flattened in a wok as egg and minced meats are rapidly folded in. Served with pickled cucumber and a sweet and sour vinegar.

30. #Sayur Asam
refreshing soup derived from tamarind pairs well with fried food since it’s stocked with vegetables and some of Indonesia’s most interesting ingredients: melinjo, bilimbi, chayote. A very close relative called sayur lodeh is made with coconut milk and has a sweeter flavor.

31. #Sop Buntut
Revitalized by the chef at Hotel Borabodor in 1973 after a food and beverage staffer saw a government minister eating a bowl on the street, oxtail soup is loved by Indonesians from all classes. The high-end version -- now the domain of Indonesia’s diplomatic corp  and comes complete with steamed rice, pickles, lime and sambal.

32. #Lontong Sayur
Boiled for hours in coconut leaf casings,the glutinous packed rice cake known as lontong is one of the best vehicles for pairing with thick peanut sauces and curries. It serves as the base for this savory morning favorite, a coconut-milk curry made with young papaya, soy-braised tofu and hard-boiled eggs. Crushed up krupuk add a little crunch to get you going.

33. #Tahu Gerjot
These clouds of golden, fried tofu look like little packages behind the windows of the boxes from which they are sold. Tofu is a poor man’s snack, but that also makes it prevalent. Keep an eye out for the vendors who cart stacks of the fluffy fried tofufrom devices slung across their shoulders. For a version steeped in sweet soy sauce and chili and served in a pestle and mortar

34. #Ikan Bakar
Grilled fish, plain and simple.While squid and prawns have a place in Indonesian cuisine, ikan bakar gets a far better showing for a fleshy texture that is great for dipping. It is usually marinated in the typical trove of spices and served with a soy and chili-based sauce.

35. #Otak-Otak
Another famed fish cake from Palembang, otak-otak has a more charming appearance, since it’s wrapped in banana leaves before being grilled over charcoal. Indigenous Sumatrans eat it with red chili mixed with fermented soy sauce, but in Jakarta it is served with Java’s ubiquitous peanut sauce.

36. #Bebek Goreng
Ducks are common companions to rice fields around Indonesia, but they can be difficult to prepare for consumption. Too often fried duck comes as a mass of tiny bones and overly fried oily meat.

37. #Gorengan
Literally “fried foods,”gorengan are the most prolific snacks in all of Indonesia. Street carts typically offer crispy golden nuggets of tempe, cassava and tofu, as well as fried bananas, sweet potatoes, vegetables fritters made from shredded carrot, cabbage and bean sprouts and fermented soybean cakes. You can find in kaki lima or street food.

Dessert or sweet food you also can find in Indonesia

38. #Bubur Candil
Indonesians love sweet for dessert. There are many kind of traditonal sweets across the country. Bubur Candil is one of many varieties of Indonesian porridge. It is made of glutinous rice flour (tepung ketan) then shape it like small ball and dip in coconut sugar porridge. It’s sweet yet coconut milk makes the taste savoury.

39. #Bubur Ketan Hitam
Bubur ketan hitam, bubur pulut hitam or bubur injun is an Indonesian sweet dessert made from black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk and palm sugar or cane sugar. The black glutinous rice are boiled until soft, and sugar and coconut milk are added

40. #Bubur Kacang Hijau
Bubur kacang hijau is an Indonesian  sweet dessert made from mung beans porridge with coconut milk and palm sugar or cane sugar. The beans are boiled till soft, and sugar and coconut milk are added.

41. #Bubur Sumsum
Bubur sumsum is a popular dessert in Indonesia. It is a porridge made from rice flour and coconut milk. There are many varieties of porridge in Indonesia, made from different kind of ingredients. This bubur Sumsum is the simpliest one, yet very tasty.

42. #Rujak
Rujak manis is a salad made from different kind of fruits and serves with sweet spicy sauce from palm sugar, chillies and sometimes adds with fried peanut. The fruits are fresh such as young Mango, Pineapple, Cucumber, Papaya, yam Bean (Bengkuang) etc

43. #Kolak
Kolak or Kolek  (fruit in coconut milk) is an Indonesian dessert made with palm sugar and coconut milk, with pandanus leaf for flavour. The dish later on known as Kolek Pisang . Pumpkin, sweet potato (ubi jalar ), jackfruit, and cassava (singkong ...

44. #Getuk Lindri
Getuk is a traditional Javanese dish (more like for snack or dessert). Therefore there are couple varieties of getuk - based on the main ingredients. Besides Cassava, can be also made from sweet potato (Indonesian known as 'ubi jalar')

45. #Dadar Gulung
Dadar Gulung is one of popular snacks in Indonesia, especially in Java. Dadar literally in Indonesian means 'pancake' while gulung means 'to roll'. Inside has sweet grated coconut as a filling, and usually the pancake has green-coloured which comes

46. #Martabak Manis
Martabak Manis (Indonesian sweet thick pancake) is one of popular snack in Indonesia. It is also known as 'Terang Bulan' (means 'shinning moon' in English) in Surabaya (East Java) or 'Martabak Bangka' in Bandung (West Java). You can easily find it along

47. #Lupis
Glutinous rice cake wrapped and cooked in banana leaves, served with grated coconut and drizzled with thick coconut sugar syrup.

Indonesian snack you can find almost in every islands in Indonesia

48. #Kerupuk
Indonesia have many kinds of crackers. Prawn, fish, garlic, cassava.. you name it, we make it. Never eat any Indonesian food without kerupuk. It always serve most of food you order.

49. #Lumpia
spring rolls, lumpia is exactly what it is. It is stuffed with bamboo shoots, minced meat, and some veggies. Served in baby shallots and sour soy sauce or simply bite it with chili pepper.

50. #Bakpia
Bakpia is Yogyakarta’s specialty other than Gudeg. This round sweet rolls is traditionally stuffed with mug beans. However, there also many other flavors available like cheese, chocolate, and even durian.

51. #Risoles 
Spring roll  Fried rolls with breadcrumbs filled with vegetables and meat.

52. #Serabi
An Indonesian snack that is made from rice flour with coconut milk or just plain shredded coconut as an emulsifier. Do keep in mind that each province in Indonesia has varying Srabi recipes corresponding to local tastes and available ingredients. Familiar in western is pancake, similar but Indonesian little different.

53. #Cendil
Rice flour-based small glutinous cake, sweetened with sugar, moulded and colored. Served with fresh grated coconut.

54. #Kelepon
Glutinous rice cake balls, usually colored and flavored with pandan leaves, which gives it an attractive green color and unique aroma, filled with coconut sugar. The balls are boiled, and rolled in grated coconut. In other parts of Indonesia such as Sumatra, klepon is called onde-onde.

55. #Kue Putu
Similar to klepon, except that it's cylindrical in shape whilst klepon is spherical.

56. #Lapis Legit
A spiced layered cake, made mainly of egg yolk, flour and margarine/butter.

57. #Nagasari
Steamed rice cake wrapped in banana leaves, and stuffed with banana.

58. #Pangsit Goreng
Fried wonton filled with chicken or shrimp with sweet and sour sauce.

59. #Pastel
ried flour dumpling filled with vegetables and meat.

60. #Panada
Fried bread filled with spicy tuna.

61. #Mendoan

Deep fried battered tempeh, cooked lightly in a short time and resulted in limp texture.

62. #Lemper

Made from glutinous rice and filled usually with chicken.

63. #Kerupuk Kulit
Cow skin crackers

The best part is drink. It some drink you can find around in Indonesia

64. #Sekoteng
A hot drink made of ginger, sugar and milk with peanuts, slices of bread, and pacar cina. Sekoteng Central Java is the native drink taste ginger is usually served hot . Other materials are usually mixed into drinks sekoteng are green beans , peanuts , chinese girlfriend and pieces of bread . Sekoteng usually served in the evening . Sekoteng usually sold circumference using a cart to carry. One side to the pan along with the ginger water stove while the other side is a mixture of ingredients and prepare a place sekoteng .

65. #Teh Poci
Hot tea served in clay teapot with large cristalized sugar.

66. #Cendol
Indonesian cendol is a typical drink made ​​from rice flour , served with grated ice and liquid brown sugar and coconut milk . The drinks taste sweet and savory . In this beverage Sunda region known as cendol whereas in Central Java known as ice dawet . Growing popular belief in Indonesia that the term " cendol " probably comes from the word " swollen " , which is found in Sundanese , Javanese and Indonesian ; jendolan this refers to the sensation felt when grain cendol through the middle of the mouth when drinking iced cendol .

67. #Es Teler

Teler ice is iced beverages contain fruit pieces avocado , young coconut , ripe jackfruit , and coconut milk diluted with a sweetener in the form of sweetened condensed milk and syrup . Ice can be used shaved ice or ice cubes Another variation contains grass jelly ice jazzed , to and fro , and girlfriend china, pieces of apple , papaya , sapodilla , melon , toast , and jelly , ice jazzed up to be difficult to distinguish from mixed ice

68. #Es Doger

Ice Doger it only consists of one item , namely ice dogernya own ( the color pink , coconut shavings scattered and diserok from inside the barrel ). After that , start adding deh no cassava . At this point I think it is normal ( and it is indeed going on for years ) . But after it began the " creativity " is . There iceman doger add to ice it with black sticky rice . Continues, there is a Chinese girlfriend a pink slip and not to forget, there is also what makes Ice Doger complete with apukat .

69. #Wedang Ronde

Wedang round is a traditional drink that originated from Java . Wedang itself means drinks . Wedang round ginger is steeping water containing spheres called round . Usually served with beans that have been roasted , to and fro , and a piece of bread in the drink .

70. #Es Cincau
Grass jelly and shredded ice with sugar or syrup.

71. #Es Buah
Fruit cocktail, that is contain many fruits with the sweet syrup and milk.

72. #Es Campur

Similar with es buah just different how to serve it.

73. #Es Kelapa Muda
Young coconut, serve it and drink it with java sugar or original coconut. Most you can find in beaches or some restaurants which serve this drink. Chilled or iced young coconut flesh, coconut water and syrup.

74. #Wedang Jahe

Fresh ginger juice mixed with palm or rock sugar and served hot.

75. #Kopi Luwak

Coffee beverage made of beans that already digested by palm civet.

76. #Jus Alpukat

Avocado juice with contain milk and ice.

77.  #Jeruk Nipis Hangat

It was sweet, and the aftertaste felt great on my (then) sore throat. Highly recommended. 

These menu you can find around Indonesia, you can try without come to every islands in Indonesia. But for the every different island food in Indonesia will be discuss more, but this time just from sumatra only you can see on here 


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