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Ragunan Zoo at Jakarta

Jakarta is big city or some Indonesian people said the capital city of Indonesia. That is true because this city is famous with the traffic jam, crowded people including the transportation. Beside that, Jakarta also has many destination to enjoy your holiday. This time I want to shared my experience when had change to spend relaxing time in Ragunan Zoo.

What is Ragunan Zoo?
Ragunan zoo is a kind of combination between zoo and park. It has almost 30.000 plants from 250 different kinds of plants. Since it is a combination between zoo and pa
rk, Ragunan Zoo is also known as Ragunan Zoological Park. Ragunan Zoo was constructed based on the open zoo concept that allowed visitors to feel nearer to the animals. Besides being a recreation park, Ragunan Zoo has an important role in animal conservation through the cultivation program, and it also becomes a good place for educational and research activities. Some animals that have been successfully cultivated in Ragunan Zoo are white tiger, Sumatran tiger, orang utan, komodo, phyton, and some types of birds (i.e kakatua bird, parrot, and cassowary) as well as other kind of animals.

That is some information you got when you search on google but actually when you visit this place, honestly I don't see many animal inside there. I just look deers, elephants, monkeys and also some snakes. The zoo place is too big and not organize so tidy because go to another side to other side very long journey and get lost. The sign is not the perfect place to show and don't get notice how long to get to look animal. The most trouble when to get exit, very confusing and also gggrrrrrr I did tree time visit Ragunan Zoo and nothing good words to tell this zoo.

The most I just find many couple seat in the hiding of tree and no animal. To weight and big but the animal can't get look. Trouble hahahaha. But the first time I visit the zoo with my roommate, Maria, the second time with the nurse and teacher friends (Maria, Jandri and Adi), the last one with my neighbor dorm, Narti. We did not do much because I told her nothing see there. But she never go to the Ragunan Zoo, so here I am become the guide but we just walk for an half hour, she became tired and cancel to explore the zoo.

That is just my opinion. Don't worry if you want to visit RAGUNAN Zoo. There is also get some fun there, the fresh air and "animal" you can see, but don't go on weekend. You just look hundred people in the zoo. The entry fee just around 5.000 IDR (0.50 USD) per person. 

You can find:
The pool with Australian pelicans, swans, and ducks located near the entrance. Several large aviary and smaller bird cages host the zoo's bird collection, including Javan peafowl, Indian peafowl including the white one, Javan hawk-eagle, brahminy kite, white-bellied sea eagle, crested serpent-eagle, Bali starling, lesser bird-of-paradise, palm cockatoo, common hill myna, flamingo, several kinds of hornbills, crowned pigeons, cockatoos, parrots, and pheasants. Large birds such as cassowary, emu, and ostrich are displayed in separate compounds.

#Open ranges
The river valley located on the eastern side of the zoo provides natural landscape of wetlands, swamp, and river environment that features crocodiles, gavial and hippopotamus. The eastern open plain recreates the savanna environment with various kinds of deers such as the rare Bawean deer, common muntjac, nilgai, and wild buffalo including Javan wild bull, and anoa.

Two terrariums host venomous and non-venomous snakes, such as Asian reticulated phytons, albino pythons, and king cobras, as well as other reptiles including turtles. Large reptiles such as Komodo dragons are located in a separate compound while saltwater crocodiles and gavials are located in a simulated river valley wetland area.

The most I like to visit in Ragunan Zoo is Schmutzer Primate Center. What is that?.
Schmutzer Primate Center is an artificial habitat of primates like gorilla, chimpanzee, orang utan and other kinds of primate. Schmutzer Primate Center is located at Ragunan Zoological Park area. Visitors of Schmutzer Primate Center can observe the behavior and activities of gorilla from a sky cross that was built over the area where gorillas inhabited. The sky cross for observation that’s covered by canopy roof is the main lane that visitors would find once they enter the building. The design of Schmutzer Primate Center was set close to the natural primate habitat with attractive layout of each room. The layout of Schmutzer accommodates the pleasure of primates as inhabitant and visitors who want to see the natural life of primates as in the wild nature.

This is area also big and that also so fun because many kind of monkeys and also very nice place. If you want to look this area, you should pay again around 7.500 IDR (0.75 USD). You can look many monkeys and the wild life of monkey hahahaha, I just imagine that like in Bali, Forest Monkey in Bali, Indonesia. In the area of Schmutzer Primate Center you can find the primates collections own by Schmutzer Primate Center are including gorilla, orang utan of Kalimantan, Grey Owa of Java, chimpanzee, Si Amang and many others.

#What you can do in the Ragunan Zoo
  • You can look animal, of course if you can find it
  • You can enjoy the culinary in the zoo
  • You can riding elephant, delman, pony horse, camel riding; if you want to enjoy this you should pay to riding them.
  • on Weekend you can look the animal show with the extra ticket fee.

#Suggestion and Advice
Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday plus public holiday) this zoo become hundred people, you will difficult to see the animal because many people around you. Better visit in other day if you like quite and enjoy the relaxing without the rush hour.

Bring a bottle of water, because sometimes difficult to get good water to drink. Stall in the zoo is having different area.

Some facilities like delman (ponicart ride), elephant ride, camel ride, horse ride and train will only be available on Sunday and holidays.

How to get there?
The simple way to get there, I just like use Trans Jakarta busway. You can ask the way to Ragunan. Because this busway is the last destination to Ragunan halte (busway stop). Exactly you can ask where is the corridor 6, Ragunan to Halimun route for the cheaper public transportation. You just need pay 3.500 IDR (0.35 USD), but in this time should have card (e-money) you can buy in the bank or the most simple when in the train station Kota, sometimes they sell cheaper and already include the deposit of money inside.  
Another public transportation that goes to Ragunan Zoo Park are Kopaja # 19 and Kopaja # 985 from Tanah Abang, Metromini # 77 from Blok M, Kopaja # 68 and 602 from Kampung Melayu through Pasar Minggu, Mikrolet # 17 and KWK # 02 from Depok, red Mikrolet (KWK) # 15A from TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah).

The most comfortable public transportation with the extra expensive expand is TAXI. Enjoy your holiday in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

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