Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Part of Indonesia from Citra Angle Photos

These pictures were part of my adventure in the end of 2014 and when I closed my eyes I still can feel it just a few hours I spend there. Although in the fact it was far from the month I went here. These pictures I registered as contest photos from F1 INK Pesona Indonesia and will be end this month for register. Many people with good talent joint this event and I am so proud I also joint this event and I don't expected to be the winner because my pictures just take from Amateur woman with the smartphone camera. 

I wish my pictures | Photos will make new readers and friends will love it and If you want to know how to go there don't hesitate to contact me. 

Keheningan Laut Biru Transparan di Pantai Lombok

Note : The first picture was taken in Lombok beach. I made the title if I translated in English "The silent blue transparency beach at Lombok. Why I make the title like that. Actually make caption or title on picture is more difficult then description about what you see :) Choose the good word to get good title is so difficult. I should learn it time by time in the future. I make the title because, I can see the transparency sea and this beach so rare and I am so happy I ever step my feet in this place.

Photos 2 : Antara Gunung Bromo dan Kabut
The second picture I taken when I was in Bromo Mountain, that was my first time go to this place and I was unlucky to get good sunrise because the weather was not support to get the sun. Although feel disappointed I still keep try where was sun hiding and I got this picture. The title if I translated in English "Between Bromo Mountain and Fog" Actually the first time I wanted make the title was "The Mystery of Fog at Bromo" and also "Bromo is Hiding in Fog" hahaha silly title because I am not good about make caption picture but I should make the title for the picture right?

Photos 3 : Silent Pink Beach
Still wonder about the third my picture. This located still in Lombok Island but different beach. This beach also famous and the name beach is PINK. The named with good reason, you can see the bead in the shoreline is pink.... the sand so smooth like my skin hahah. I really want to back here again one day and I wish I can spend a lot of time to explore every part this beach. The title you already know right because I make it in English. Actually I got a few ideas about the title then I choose this one. Silent Pink Beach. The alternative title I already make was The Morning Virgin Pinky Beach or "Beautiful mix color beach"

Photos 4 : Dibalik ke Indahan Kawah Putih

The fourth pictures or photo I taken when I visited Bandung. The located on Kawah Putih. The place is beautiful but just short time you can do here and not many to do. Although like that this place is so amazing and You will fall in love when visit here and the sulphur make you can't stay there long. That is I make the title of this picture "Behind the Amazing Kawah Putih", actually the first time I made the title "Silent Witness Kawah Putih" but I put many silent for the title so I decided the second the title was good one lol. Why I make the title like that because in the green or sometimes changing become blue lake, many death trees and trees still strong there although no longer alive there but the trees as the silent witness for years about this place.

Photos 5 : Bermain di Alun-Alun Batu
I was so lucky I ever visited Batu, Malang. Actually when I college I ever went to Malang but not all places I visited it. Because I went there with the member of students in my university. This time, I went there and I like the Batu square, many people but tidy and so I was not wrong if I made the title of my last picture I registered to the contest photo about "Playing in the Batu Square" You can see many people love to spend the dusk in this place.

Thank you to keep visit my blog and I wish I can visit you too soon. Want to look those pictures with good resolution just click on here and I am so happy if you have facebook and you want to give me thumb and comment to make me get good lesson about photography. I am so appreciate it. Have good time here I hope. Want to see a few pictures of my competitor, see on HERE 


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