Friday, 14 August 2015

Exotic Trikora Beach Bintan Island

This time I live in Bintan Island, since 1999 my parents moved here and I did return here already 3 times, back from college at Yogyakarta (2001-2004), get mutation from my office Batam to Tanjungpinang (2005-2010) and now I am back here again on 2015 after I got job in Jakarta. Because I love beach and I would be a nice person if I share the nice information about Bintan Island. Actually in Indonesia not many people know about this island, most of them just know Bali, Lombok and Manado as exotic beach. In Bintan, we have an exotic beach, we called it Trikora Beach. 

Most beach same like, the sea and the threes. That is true, but don't doubt yourself if you want to visit this island. I bet you will love it to spend most your time on the beach. The problem here, this island same like in Lombok, low public transportation and the best part to visit here hire driver or rent car or motor bike. This island also different from Bali, so I don't have much information about motor bike rent place. But no worry, you can use travel agent or stay in the good hotel so the hotel will have mini bus or hotel car to pick you up. 

How to go there:
To get to Trikora beach has two alternatives. You can go from Tanjungpinang or Tanjunguban. Let's talking from Tanjungpinang first, because I live there :) :P

Tanjungpinang to Trikorabeach need around 45 minutes and the way to get there is easy and have some clue and you can see amazing beach and just find which the beach you want to stay to spend day. The famous trikora beach in 3 (three) trikora, because it has cottage and also near hotel. The beach mmm you can see it, nice with the rock around the beach and coconut tree which make you want relaxing and get burn under sun or diving there. 

it is around 400.000 IDR ($40 USA) for all day rent. If you have international license, it is most the best to rent car all day with the price around 250.000 IDR (25 USAD) without petrol. But no worry, Bintan island is small island you will not lost so badly. The way to go there also nice and good street.

White sands and so soft in your barefoot so amazing right, relaxing in near beach is the most wonderful time and I call it me time and hearing music or nature music. I like go there is not on public holiday or weekend. Because if public holiday or weekend to many people and I don't like it, I like not many people in the beach so I pretended that is my own and I deserve to get quite and silent place and two thumbs to close to nature. I want to share many information about Trikora beach maybe next time, because today I am so busy with other project but I will keep update once time in every week, so it would be up to date for travel blog. 

-Citra Pandiangan-


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