Saturday, 8 August 2015

Greeting | Salam | Lesson Indonesia Language

Lesson Indonesia language with the simple way and prepare yourself if you want to enjoy holiday in Indonesia with the way local language. This lesson, the new an idea to teach you, the readers of Adventure which like an adventure when holiday. So, Learn Indonesia language step by step.

This time, we just learn about greeting. In Indonesia greeting is mean Salam (sa-lam). Just check this voice to know how to say the words correctly.

ENGLISH                INDONESIA                                  HOW TO SAY IT

Greeting                   : Salam                                             how to say Sa-La-M
Good Morning         : Selamat Pagi                                   Se-La-Mat Pa-Gi
Good Afternoon      : Selamat Siang                                  Se-La-Mat Si-ang
Good evening          : Selamat Malam                                Se-La-Mat Ma-Lam

why just three words only... still have a lot of greetings, step by step until you can say it correctly more better then many vocabulary of greeting but you don't remember it all. Have a nice learning

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