Monday, 5 October 2015

No Money for Adventure?

Every body need break after working hard. Break to make life relax and full power to do anything in the future. Every body love to holiday and get lost in the country to find the meaning of life with the travelling. Many people do adventure with many style. Start with the luxury until the backpacker class. Whatever the style the point is having time on holiday.

No Money for adventure does not mean you don't deserve to have fun in your free time, like on weekend. Let's talking about relaxing time to find the freedom day after working hard for long time. No need to go to other country if you don't have money this time to explore the world. But you should have time to relax and find new thing in around you.

Today, we will talk about picnic. This style is cheaper way to have relaxing from the office jobs. Every one love to spend time in out door with good view, talk with someone you love and care, for example your family, kids, lovely boy friend or girl friend, best friends, or relative family. That is cool to spend picnic with them. The way you spend a lot of time in out door, the way you will find the meaning of life, friendship, family, it will make you close to each other.

How to do picnic:

1. Find the nice place
Every country has a nice nature and close to your location, for example park, lake or beach. This best time to go to nice place with family or someone you love to spend weekend on picnic time.

2. Prepare Food
The most amazing on picnic is FOOD. That is right, let's go to the market and find the nice and healthy food to eat on the picnic time. Better simple food and make your tummy full. For example sandwich and snack. 

3. Bring Your Nice book or Game
If you go with family that is mean contain the children, bring some game or toy with them will make you more close with the kids. This is the best time to know each after busy and crazy week days at office and no time for family. In picnic time you can play with kids, like if this is good wind you and kids can play knit. 

If you go with your wife or husband and still no have children, you can bring book and read when you relax in the good view in park or lake or anything you find it cool to get picnic there.


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