Tuesday, 29 September 2015

World Heart Day | Keep Health

Let's Care Our Health | Especially Our Heart

Every year on 24 September in the world said this day is World Heart Day and try to remind us to keep health. Is a chance for people across the globe to take part in the world's biggest intervention against cardiovascular disease (CVD). Do you love to traveling and get lost in many country to find experience and you never forget it? If you are sick, you can’t do anything to find the way your life, to enjoy the beautiful world, nature, sea in every different places with the different magic and view as long as you can see with your own eyes.

To making adventure plan for the short time or long time, you should care your body and especially your amazing machine of heart. God already created us with the magic body which the heart can work perfectly. Our job to say Thank You, just with simple way to keep heart healty. How to keep our heart health always. Let’s check this out

#Manage Stress
Stress can make our heart work harder than usually, so try not to stress while at work or home. You can find the way to refuse stress in your life. Many ways to make stress gone, one simple enjoy your life whatever it come.

#If you drink alcohol, Drink only in moderation
Better no drink alcohol if you can. If you can’t just drink a little bit and don’t be habit to drink a lot because it is not good to your heart. Drunk will make your day worse and stressful while you already normal and the effect alcohol gone. So, why you need stressful because the alcohol. Let’s drink the healthy drink like water without taste, without color. Pure water is good for your heart and soul.

#Quit smoking
Having friends who love to smoke and making you want to do like them. Let’s move on! Don’t try it because it is not good to your life. As remind me the story from my friend. His daughter was watching one channel television which the content about effect the smoke. That make heart broken so badly if do smoking everyday and his daughter became sad. She was asking her daddy to stop SMOKING because she wants her daddy life long time and she wants to lose her beloved daddy. Then my friend bring his daughter to the beach and throw the box of cigaretes in the beach and said with the loud voice, “This day I will never ever smoke again! Because I want to live forever with my daughter”
That story is true, he said the first time so difficult but he try to his daughter and son. Then, he never smoke again. Congratulation to the people who try to stop smoking. You are the person who know to make your life healthy. No force, No judge but your decision in your own hand.

#Eat healthy and get active
How to make us get strong body and enegery, That is right with food. To make keep healthy and long life we should care about food. Eat the only healthy food. You know that so well. Many ways to eat healthy food. DO YOU LIKE CULINARY TIME? That’s good also I am. I also love to hunting food and try taste delicious food. Healthy food will make your body strong, but don’t forget to keep get active!

That is just some ways to tell my traveller readers to try to keep healthy life. Let’s said I have healthy heart because I love myself and I care it so badly. Happy Heart World DAY! What do you do celebrate this day?

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